What profit does

decorate kind of website to rely on?


a website profit pattern can have many kinds of, can make money by advertising advertising, such advertising is divided into PPC CPC mode, according to the registration or download charge in CPA mode, by showing the amount of fees according to CPM mode, cpd mode, according to the days of charges sales into the CPS model; can make money by direct advertising and advertising, the website will need to have a greater influence on the main industry or the region, otherwise there will be a advertisers willing to buy expensive station; it can also test the value-added service charges to make money, such as some educational websites, many papers are you can download for free, but the new year is to see the papers in order to pay; in addition to mobile e-commerce profitable value-added services or direct profit. The above profit model, which can be used in city decoration on the site? Or, city decoration site has no unique profit model? Or is the city decoration website adopt to these profit model has its own unique characteristics of


personally believe that the city decoration website has the following profit model:

is advertising! Yes, the money making model for every website may ultimately be made up of advertising. A city decoration site, if there is impact, there are traffic, then there will be a large number of owners here to check information, see content. And these owners happen to be the city’s decoration company’s potential customers, so decoration companies for advertising on the more suitable, but also on the building materials, sanitary ware and other types of company advertising. Of course, the premise of advertising is that the city decoration site in the city has a certain influence, otherwise there is no decoration work or building materials will be willing to spend money on advertising.

two is information. At present, many decoration sites are sold by the owners of information charges. For example, Dalian decoration network http://s.dl.zhcoo.com, that is, by selling information charges. Is the characteristics of this model, the website to attract owners issued a tender information on this platform, and decoration company to get this information must pay to become a member; or direct money to buy, how much money each owner bidding information. Of course, the operation of this model is more difficult than advertising, because after all, it’s a complicated step. However, this is more conducive to the decoration company, so this is a lot of more influential decoration sites using the model.

three is value-added services. At present, there are some decoration sites are charged by value-added services. For example, some city decoration decoration company website, can register a company of my own home, but to get more privileges, such as through the real name authentication and binding a domain, case released pictures, these all belong to the value-added services, is to get to after decoration company paid.

four is divided into. In fact, this is a decoration company like most