at present, the country is to rectify the website information, many small sites are submerged in the tide of phagocytosis, the reason is very simple, the site is not standardized, or touched yellow things, or there are violations, according to the planning and management, and the webmaster should do what kind of website based on the Internet to a circle? Has become a hot topic of professionals.

first, for small and medium-sized webmaster, no traffic did not survive, so many webmaster small website in order to pursue the flow, optimize the key blind, put some hot, even very vulgar information in the web site, in order to attract more users click, still do not know this is in violation of the rules of the Internet, or even to do illegal things. Light will be warned, re sentenced! Therefore, holding the psychological luck, illegal information edge ball at all costs is not desirable, so that small and medium-sized websites to survive, should take what route? May wish to explore the following:

first, it can be a professional website. You have to do, only to rely on professional based on local, long-term development, the 360 line ", at present, the industry involved in the Internet, car, mobile phone, computer and other aspects of the corresponding professional website, so when consumers need to be reminded of the professional website to attract popularity, by professional, relying on professional to become bigger and stronger, so I have no people, I have strong. A few days ago I had such a website, a special examination of website, this website is designed to do the examination information, the content is very comprehensive, whether it is the college entrance examination, senior high school entrance examination information, self-study exam, English CET 46 and so on are everything, people can not think of self examination, will come to this website, this website is also a unique advantage also has a good memory of the domain name: submarine Dove World egg sites such as, make it easier to remember. Can think of this site does not violate the article, traffic is good, very popular with the students welcome and praise. One can imagine, each year before and after the entrance examination, the entrance of the professional web site traffic is how large, of course, the flow of money will naturally have. Does not involve illegal Internet content, but also easy to make money, which is the most small and medium-sized most hope, most anticipated.

second can be used as an e-commerce website. Many involve sex, PW, customers have been closed, the site was closed, many people are happy, just a lot of webmaster site did not involve yellow, color also suffer, innocent is closed, the webmaster is incapable of action. How can we continue to develop in a harsh market environment, and it is really hard to protect our own interests. Previously, most of the owners are relying on GG traffic to earn advertising fees, desperately daily updates, to attract more users to browse the web site, increase traffic, even so, one day traffic reached 10 thousand IP, also can earn a $10 fee, equivalent to RMB more than 60 yuan. "