there is a struggle for survival between creatures, the fittest survive, the fittest are eliminated, and that is the natural choice." After 80, Yang Jichao looks smart, but he started with evolutionary theory, but still surprised reporters.

was immediately pulled back to the topic of Yang interview topic — SNS network recruitment, "in Chinese, traditional online recruitment mode and market demand there is dislocation, is facing from the SNS business model innovation evolution challenges".

as an important application of Internet tools, network recruitment in Chinese appeared not too late, but the Internet market segmentation and other than the situation is embarrassing rash and too much in haste, China – ranked highest online recruitment companies, Zhaopin 2008 losses of about 170 million yuan, 2008 loss of 175 million yuan, the only profitable job the implementation of last year, the first quarter of this year’s revenue also fell nearly 25%.

as a newly established enterprise network recruitment "I" market operations director, Yang Jichao believes that the traditional network recruitment platform is the lack of user stickiness, "excess liquidity led directly to the enterprise is very difficult to find the precise needs of the personnel, and the SNS community is precisely the strength of viscosity and authenticity".

recruitment: starting with acquaintances,

, the traditional recruitment website’s model is: send job ads – receive a large number of resumes – resume Auditions – level interviews…… In fact, the rate of success in signing such contracts is far from being met by acquaintances or semi beginners." In October 22nd, my general manager of the network Feng told reporters deep, in fact, several of their entrepreneurial partners initially wanted to recruit websites SNS, but also from their own recruitment and application process of personal experience.

A report by

, a consultancy, can partly support the claim. The report shows that in Chinese is currently around 40 million of the small and medium-sized enterprises, only tens of thousands of companies (about 1%) will take the network as the recruitment channels, the traditional word of mouth to work, is still the main employment mode of enterprises.


acquaintances gathered, the thought of the question prompted Feng to have the idea of grafting SNS with web recruitment. But he has been concerned about the SNS are convinced that SNS more business in the future is combined with the traditional business model, at present, the SNS website profit model is mainly two kinds, Product placement (such as Kaixin) and web games (such as campus network), but when users are tired of the game and see how to do tired of advertising "


network recruitment and SNS combination, the birth of my network. The starting capital of our network comes from Feng Qian and several start-up partners. "Trial operation in May, formally launched in August, as of now, our network has accumulated 1 million 360 thousand copies of true resume, 12.348 member enterprises, 456 thousand recruitment positions." Feng Shen expresses.

"when I get my line, >