has always wanted to do a forum website, but it does not have a clear positioning, many places to search it, we think the opinions given are not suitable for me, as a college student, I want to do is start a school forum (because our school forum only on the sun), the later investigations actual look at each university forum, found that the school forum traffic is from each school students fixed, can expand the direction of small, which may become a no return to work. After giving up this idea, I thought as a secondary market forum, is the second-hand market trading platform in a region, like the sale of phone cards can include the sale of second-hand computer, mobile phone, some rental houses, because these things are a lot of people need to pay attention to things, although the website this view will be wider, but under many related forum competition, it is difficult for me to ensure your website will attract others, SEO I was a beginner. One cannot go to my target. In the combination of network and industry more and more today, only through the network is not profitable enough, a good website, like some small portals, or some professional forum, and they are closely together in the industry. For example, in my understanding, like a training organization’s website, the website is not profitable, but through enrollment training can really profitable, such examples are also many. You can always see a lot of people are to teach their website gain experience, I think that is profitable for me now is not the most important, I do not want to go to the SEO route optimization, a step by step may effect is much slower, but if it is sure yourself this as a goal in life the word, we should get down to do. So I think what I should do now or good to myself to do things, set a direction, recently has been busy doing a new station www.51hbzk.cn, we have time to go and see. After this period of time, I can go to expand other things, mainly network and industry combination.

I don’t have what good experience to share with everyone, made the purpose of this post is to share with you, if possible, the future can also work together ^_^. I hope every webmaster can realize his dream,