believes that a webmaster can have very many websites and keywords of each site are not the same, because Baidu is new, low weight, Baidu spider on the new sites do not trust a variety of reasons included no ranking, no Links state of distress, and then often due to many webmaster the emergence of impatience, and appeared to have disease TouYi, no disease also groan, the new station just after the opening should be how to maintain? In order to achieve the special viewer recognition of spiders? I think we should first understand the spider is clear preferences, only to match up, according to the the different characteristics of different keywords spider rules and our website and targeted adopted piecemeal, to the end of our website have included rankings, flow, right Spiders also love the heavy, the purpose of how to the satisfaction of all, can achieve this point? The editor from the actual site maintenance process 11 and the webmaster colleagues to share, to share.

first look at the screenshot of several logs, all of the analysis is based on the log records inside Baidu spider crawling station behavior and frequency to determine the site and do the appropriate modifications.

, let’s analyze these logs first, and see how Baidu spiders crawl. See the screenshot

for specific purposes

this figure obviously see Baidu spider is here, but my site still has not been released, in addition to my site is adhere to the original, but the spider has not included in the website and the inside pages, including the content of the original, so I just started to also remain perplexed despite much thought, after all the original, Baidu does not endorse the new station can understand, of the original article is not recognized that should not be ah!! I suddenly thought, this is not their own original articles out of the question, when I look at each landing site background of original articles found the problem, summarized as the following several

1, new sites, if the content is less, and does not involve the current hot original article, Baidu spider directly not included.

2, and for the inclusion of the current hotline of the original article will be concerned about, but if the word count is too small, it will not be included

3, for more words of the original article, Baidu will directly included.

digression: Editor respectively tried about 300 words, 600 words or so, about 1000 of the original article respectively, the same day a subject, posted to the website that night, about 1000 words is the spider included, there are second days in the Baidu index, but 300 words and 600 or so really no echo, so that the new webmaster in writing original article must ensure that the number of words, sentences to ensure smooth, remember with idioms, this is your original article level, can increase the weight.

below is a screenshot to illustrate the text above,

this is enough to see Baidu in the analysis of new sites when the original article, the number of characters is >