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cool shadow on the Internet the most used name, I began to contact the computer network from 2003, before all the free personal home page, 2006 KingCMS, in s under the influence to do GG. Since 2006, I’ve been increasingly interested in learning SEO and making money online,

currently has a dozen websites, with monthly revenues of between 100-1 and 000, and volatility is relatively large,

may be a lot of people are confused, do the website in the end can make money, not, how much money can you make? I would like to

one, the theme of the website determines the unit price of advertising, and then determines the revenue.

is worth noting that a keyword, such as office automation, has 1 ads on Baidu and more than 10 ads on google. This means that Baidu

select a theme?
How does

build high advertising prices?