3 restate the problem and prove the understanding.

salesman must answer carefully when he points at the objections made by the customer. Generally speaking, should be calm, honest and straightforward manner, the relevant facts, data, information, or to determine that the prospective customer orally or in writing. The wording shall be appropriate, be gentle tone, and negotiations in a harmonious and friendly atmosphere, in order to solve the problem. If you can not answer, you can only admit that you must not blow it indiscriminately.

5 respect customers and deal with them smoothly.

salesman must accept an objection, not only to accept it, but also to welcome it. Because an objection is not always a bad thing to a salesman, but it is your guiding light that tells you the direction to keep on trying.

objections can not be restricted or prevented, but can only be managed by way of control. When dealing with objections, pay attention to the following points:

objection is the opinion of the prospective customer regarding the salesman that he does not understand, disagree or oppose. When a prospective customer disagrees and interrupts a salesman’s words or delays a problem, the blow to a salesman is a hard sell. In other words, there must be something.

salesman hears the objections made by the customer, he should express his sincere welcome to the customer’s opinions and listen attentively. Never interfere.

in addition, the salesman must acknowledge the customer’s opinions in order to show respect for him. Then, when you put forward the opposite view, the prospective customer is naturally more receptive to your proposal.

of course, you have to have a deep understanding of commodities, company policies, markets, and competitors if you want to deal with them easily. These are the prerequisites for controlling dissent.


salesman repeated the objections he had made to the prospective customer, indicating that he had understood. If necessary, ask the prospective customer if the restatement is correct, and select a few parts of the opposition to be sincerely endorsed.


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1.’s attitude towards dissent.

2 listen carefully and sincerely welcome.

salesmen must remember that they cannot ignore or belittle the objections of prospective customers, so as to avoid the dissatisfaction or suspicion of prospective customers, so that the negotiation of the transaction can not continue.

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4 answer carefully and be friendly.

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1 emotional relaxed, not nervous.

salesman to recognize the objection is inevitable, can not have abnormal psychology in reverse, hear the objections raised by customers, should remain calm and immovable anger, nor hostile behavior, and must continue to smile, and to understand the objections or contents and key points, generally use the following statement as the opening: "I am very pleased with your comment"; "what is your opinion very reasonable"; "you are very observant.".