below is Zhang Su Yang’s speech memoir, edited by I dark horse:

but by now, the Internet has lost a sharp drop in investment. Since last year, the Internet dividend less and less. "The hottest thing this year is the story of two bicycles.". Countless famous companies are desperately trying to squeeze in two bikes, because there’s nothing new."

as an investment veteran, Zhang Su analysis, is currently producing some new changes. Both at home and abroad, there is a new round of innovation from the perspective of technology driven. Specifically, Zhang Su optimistic about IoT I dark horse notes: Everything interconnected, artificial intelligence, new treatment methods in three directions.

sharp drop in investment in the Internet, technology innovation comeback

is a little older people may know, Mao Zedong was in the time of the anti rightist movement wrote an article "things are changing". I borrow his subject today.

at the latest stage, we have solved some of the essential issues of finance. Ten years ago, financial enterprises basically served the rich. As long as you have money, I’ll serve you. But the core of Inclusive Finance is, which level you are in, which level of financial services should be obtained?.

first talk about the development process of the domestic Internet from 90s to the present, roughly divided into three stages.


second stage, in 2000, we through the electricity supplier, to solve the asymmetry of the purchase, price asymmetry.

"it’s a very important thing to rethink our business model in a change.". Because, "things are changing."." Zhang Suyang says.

, we solved the problem of asymmetric information. People used to get information from newspapers, and they didn’t know whether something was true or false. Now, various sources of information, very full, solve the problem of asymmetric information.

is taboo?We look at the history of

but now, we feel the hot spots are gone. Since last year, the Internet dividend less and less. The Chinese people are very creative. They have done all of the innovations in the world. From shampoo, cut nails to feet, the whole O2O has been basically finished. So, the hottest story this year is the story of two bicycles. Countless famous companies are desperately trying to squeeze in two bikes, because that’s why


news December 15th, sponsored by the title of the 2016 Magic Horse Mobi venture entrepreneurs horse Community Conference held today in Beijing, volcano stone capital founding partner, IDG Capital Partners honor Zhang Suyang attended the event and delivered a keynote speech, "things are changing".

Zhang Suyang believes that from 90s to date, the domestic Internet has experienced roughly three stages of development, respectively, to solve the information asymmetry, price asymmetry, and inclusive financial issues.

"logic thinking", "the logic of thinking about" broadcast in more than 200 phases, of which there are many programs are used to sell books, and Luo fat motionless, the book sold thousands of copies, the book sold tens of thousands of books…… 8 million, fans will naturally have to hold Luo fat field, but if from the book pricing, "Luo Ji Thinking of the book died expensive, expensive is indisputable fact," so I doubt the "Luo Ji Thinking" to sell books.

we talk about soft Wen, Wen is also a kind of content, because the Internet marketing and birth style, pay attention to a brand or a product through a story, a truth or a view to guide users. Soft text by the relevant brand or enterprise pay directly, for the soft Wen creators, an article sold to the merchant is finished, want to make money, need to come back again. The greatest power of soft Wen is that thousands of articles are distributed in every channel of the network: news source, information website, micro-blog, WeChat public number and so on…… Is the enterprise leading marketing feast, and ultimately the biggest profit is enterprise, rather than individual.

then, for soft text creators, sometimes >


in the content of entrepreneurship so popular today, for propaganda enterprise image, enterprise products, and how? Soft is directly used to make money, and the content of entrepreneurship is content to make money, two from the starting point of view, basically the same, but why people love itself is the content of entrepreneurs, and on the creation of the soft

if the "logic of thinking" as a continuous limit of stock, this time, "winds of change" the logic of thinking, then the content for entrepreneurs, of course, a little "disk access man" feeling, give up, logical thinking is very simple, and a content of entrepreneurs appear that is, it is said that the microphone Mongolia, since the media writers called microphone Mongolia, the amount of fans in the first half of more than Luo fat.

"logic of thinking" was cancelled, precisely, "" logical thinking to change play, broadcast time is shortened, the spread of narrow channels, broadcast platform from past Youku, Himalaya FM, dragonfly FM and other multi platform to "get" App. And this time, it is the content of entrepreneurship tide most lively time.

In the first stage of

but can not be denied, "the logic of thinking" argument, for some historical events and characters meanders, art full range of children, but a person’s energy is limited, in the later period of "logic thinking", the word "Sike" often appear in the Luo fat mouth. If there is no quality content, fans will be lost, and quality content can not be realized or realized as a net effect of red Papi sauce come, then, may start to doubt the "life", the ideal road initial distortion in