3, three party purchasing, safe and quick,

whether you are a programmer, a public accountant / a white-collar, an accountant, a chef / a driver, or any other occupation, as long as you have free time. Get your cell phone and you can make money.

4, errands settled, professional team

after these. Can not stand, I can only rely on the scalp to study. I heard that some rules and regulations have come out recently. For the record, but also to the IDC service providers over there, photography and so on. This news is a bolt from the blue. Too much of the confidence of our little webmaster. Prior to this, I have set up a shopping mall, after all, in their own site mix a good point. At least not afraid of being deleted. Well, these are the miserable processes that have come along the way. Also hope to have just entered the Taobao guest friend help.


through the network scheduled to delivery to the terminal, and direct stores have this fresh preservation environment, users can according to their own time demand, the nearest mention.

secondly, in the O2O solutions for chain stores in the Jianghu region, O2O meets a variety of modes of distribution:

first of all, let’s first look at the pain point and solution of the fresh food industry

1, multi shop >

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for O2O electricity supplier, fresh O2O, the last mile of the distribution chain is a critical part of its operating closed loop, because this link is related to the user’s direct experience. As for fruit, fresh, FMCG O2O electricity supplier, this part is more important, if the time you can not in the most intense fruit, fresh consumer desire in service, so customers will choose next time to meet the needs of its consumer business. But now, rivers and lakes technology has been perfect solution to its fruit, fresh delivery problems.

O2O cash register: that’s what makes you so relaxed,

old customer marketing: a variety of network popular marketing methods to enhance customer turnover, repeat purchase rate.

Taobao. Simple meaning is to help the seller to promote goods, so as to obtain the corresponding Commission. Some of the more basic issues do not say more. Oh, I was in 09 years in August began to enter Taobao. At that time also looked at the list of cattle, 7 days earned thirty thousand or forty thousand. For a month, there are also about one hundred thousand Oh! See such figures, how can I not boiling blood ah?. I earn a thousand dollars should be not what problem.

says, do it. You are no less contact computer, but when it comes to Wangzhuan like. He’s really a newbie. See many ways of promotion. What feels best for you is the combination of blogs and forums. Build a blog. Sina was then used. Basically, a single product promotion. I also saw a lot of colleagues use blog, but basically put a link, one or two kinds of pictures finished. It’s a bad thing to do, so you can copy the profile on the Taobao page. At the very least, there is a presentation of the goods. Characteristics and evaluation of users. That’s persuasive. Conversion rate will also increase,

stores from mentioning plug-in is very suitable for opening a physical store merchants. Buyers can not only buy in the website, you can also see what the seller opened the entity shop, the nearest to the store to experience and purchase. This plugin can not only promote the function of the merchant entity store, but also show the strength of the website.


transactions convenient: customers on the official website of single order payment, a variety of distribution methods, convenient and quick.

pain point,

by the third party purchasing personnel delivery orders, to businesses to buy and then give the customer delivery, believe that for many businesses or operators, it is not difficult to understand, we can regard it as a kind of similar purchasing mode.

high cost distribution: physical store rents are too expensive, resulting in high costs and expensive

1, direct distribution, accurate service

customer purchase rate is low: customers to store consumption, loss rate is relatively high,

blog built, say the forum. I basically in sh419 post bar propaganda. It was August. Stick it or stick to the address. After a few days. Income also continued to come in. But very tired. Constant top sticking. It doesn’t make any difference to a robot. In this way. Earn a month thousand blocks or can. Now there are many people say that sh419 post bar has been unable to post the address. Well, the saying goes well. There are policies, there are countermeasures. The same link frequently appears in the post bar. sh419 began to block the address. But you can change the address, and then send out Kazakhstan, as long as the promotion of the same content can be oh, then the crackdown intensified. Basically all addresses are blocked. A post with a link is automatically deleted. Some do not understand, still call the bar scolded. Ha ha, for such shielding. Still there. That means adding some symbols to the address. After that, the instructions can be accessed by removing these symbols. This will save sh419’s " and chase ". Disadvantages, of course, is less traffic. But it’s better than not posting it. Now the income is not high. Is so 1500! Ha ha. Let the cattle people laughed.

online and offline data to open up: online shopping online and offline collaboration.

costs high and profits are low: traditional restaurants are still in the state of hand copying, single and front and back yelling leaflets

2, goods from mentioning, the nearest screening