In view of the CEO


in fact, the interest map pie is not a big climate, in August 2011, CNN announced the acquisition of Zite, the two sides did not disclose the purchase price, but anecdotal rumors between 2000-2500 U.S. dollars. Zite’s identity goes from standalone applications to help CNN sites and application implementation

, you don’t think I’m mad at her. In fact, the entrepreneurial circle wants to do something, and face may be the biggest obstacle for ordinary people.

knew that someone had pointed out that a considerable part of the subway sweeping staff was a salesman for a slimming milkshake, and that the company trained the team and pulled the pin


people will always return to the areas they are familiar with and excel in, and, of course, it is impossible for them to develop new skills in the short term. With the birth of WeChat’s circle of friends, the so-called "shameless profession" should be a turning point for the young girl’s comeback, and even a few years later, she will come up with a big story and get the investment.


6 years to polish personalized information service

, mobile and personalized reading has become an important direction of information services, and fruit web is a typical sample of such services in these years. Tencent technology Zong Xiuqian reported October 12th

original title: back to do micro quotient Wang Kaixin, and subway sweeping yards entrepreneur

, the magical department store that invested millions of dollars, CEO, the wind girl, Wang Kaixin is back. According to the Internet several WeChat circle of friends screenshot, this time, her identity is micro business, and is suspected pyramid scheme business model.

, however, the suspected young man’s users sent micro-blog, directed at two girls, is the subway sweeping yards promotion staff, and he is repeatedly refused to be upset, the situation was abusive. This is consistent with the dialogue in the video, and it is not surprising that the people around you are indifferent, and there may be people who have been told that the promotion has been taught. In short, video, small groups, girls and onlookers, each has its own problems.

after three years of RSS personalized subscription business, the rise of the mobile Internet, so that fresh fruit to find greater opportunities for development. In the mobile terminal, Android, iOS, fresh fruit have released the WP7 version of the end of the month, Microsoft Windows 8 officially listed on the occasion, the simultaneous launch of fruit Windows version 8. Mobile and personalized reading has become an important direction of information services, and fruit web is a typical sample of such services in these years.

select a mode of operation of such a beam, Gongjun have their own reasons.

March 2011, fresh fruit network launched mobile reading applications "fresh fruit network."". Users can subscribe to their favorite Internet content on the app, and fresh fruit will be selected and pushed on the day’s hot spots.

before the doings of 95, let people have good reason to believe that this appeared in the circle of friends, should be Wang Kaixin himself. Because whether it is selling things in the space before her, or the establishment of the Shenzhen science and technology really play the big bang finally exploded, the path of development, even if this is really starting to do micro business marketing, also have no sense of violation.

based on this idea, in 2006, he founded the fruit network, the main RSS personalized subscription, but a few years down, RSS subscription model is not a climate. Do the same business zhuaxia net sold to watercress, announced in 2011 to stop the service. Another neighborhood network also announced a stop service.

after we have condemned the boy’s vicious and onlookers apathy, Beijing police are busy working in the security NPC and CPPCC to capture this age as Wang Kaixin young, waiting for him or will be punished.

this morning, the peace loving Joker teacher in micro-blog anger to a video display on the subway, a young man of two girls acrimony gravely insulting the top, and the surrounding people completely indifferent. One of the girls called the police. The phone was taken to the platform by the young man and the girl was pushed off the door when the door closed.




is currently divided into two schools in terms of personalized information services. One kind is the user subscribes according to his hobby, Flipboard, fresh fruit is typical representative. Another recommendation based on the user’s interests, foreign Zite, domestic to read as a typical representative.

, who has been working on Internet technology, saw the explosion of information on the rise of the internet. He has a judgment that personalized information is more important to individuals when information is growing in large scale.

"calculates the user’s interests according to the algorithm," says Liang Gongjun. He believes that the current technology can not help to recommend content to meet user needs, once recommended mistakes, it is easy for users to create a sense of distrust, so as to give up the product. The model does not allow users to users to subscribe to content recommendation had much blame, the application of operations only focus on user experience has been more than half the odds.

"fresh fruit Web" sounds like a website selling fresh fruit, but CEO, a fresh fruit net, uses it to sell personalized information.