is for you and me, hoody hoodie. But for those entrepreneurs, who is a symbol of identity and culture, is like a daily uniform. American Giant is an online clothing sales website hoodies, but their Hoodie style updates, price is more expensive, but also more "artistic temperament".


1.American Giant

friends, we want to say is: stay away from large retailers, and store those self franchise gifts, a cut above others. When you shop in those stores, you never get big discounts like "open door shopping" and "online shopping day", and you don’t have to think about it. Their prices are absolutely high.


for crowds: entrepreneurs on the road,

price range: some clothes are $20 a box, and some jerseys are sold for $90,

3.Best Made Co.

PConline Beijing June 19th intelligence / Wen Ma Seoul from zero to nine, shlf1314 Chinese in only eight months, but Song Zhongjie believes that this speed is not fast enough. Yes, at least, compared with competitors. As a matter of fact, shlf1314 and shlf1314 China do not particularly like to mention competitors.

see Song Zhongjie in the shlf1314 R & D headquarters in Beijing, the editor was surprised. I expected to see a spirit threatening, suit occupation managers, but the oncoming is casual shirt, hanhande smile. Bookish Song Zhongjie, a businessman mercenary who".

Some focus on the development of

One is how to promote the good


if you want to do business venture, but do not want to enter the Red Sea and don’t want to make a literary small fresh style products, you need to consider whether to find segments of the population? In this area, a lot of case from abroad.

price range: $29 per month, or $19 per month for half a year package

price range: experience packages are priced at $6, while special axes are priced at hundreds of dollars. But you don’t need an ax, do you? Well, follow the author and say, "I don’t need it – you don’t really need an ax."."


compared to this, people will certainly be more willing to shop at local retail stores, and these startups are the type of article. The online retail stores mentioned below offer unique goods, and they can also make some small and medium business communities increasingly prosperous.

people who love pets will love to order such services. Barkbox sends boxes to pet owners every month. They include dog food, toys, pet accessories, pet health products, and so on. You can also get an opportunity to share videos every month at Facebook.

for people: pet lovers,

in fact, the Best Made Co is a good choice for campers, Chalet owners, long distance hikers, and even miners

for crowds of people who love challenging and outdoor activities,