* your detailed payment amount, detailed to cents, such as $123.45.

1. log in to your shlf1314 AdSense account and click on the payment page. If the show "October payment has been issued", click the payment details on the edge of this link".

everyone knows: many large websites or popular software such as storm video, they all do Taobao customers. If a user opens a large website and popular software before ordering your PID link. If an order is made, whose order is it? If you haven’t considered it before, I think your income will be difficult to break through. On official data, you’ve been able to find the details. But I still found some unspoken rules about Taobao PID. Now, let’s share it with you:

Hello, shlf1314 AdSense publisher, Hello, if your choice of payment in October for the Western Union remittance, now you can start to receive your Western Union income,

the purple number 13821418 is PID. We all know that because of the strong push by Taobao, more and more people are making Taobao. As long as you put your heart into it, you’ll often see someone else promoting his Taobao links. So, you have not thought about: not far time perhaps only a few seconds, the user has ordered two different PID guest links, and buy. Who does that amount to,

2, non Taobao users have priority over Taobao users for PID. In other words, if you want to full-time Taobao customers, must not use Taobao users landing Taobao passengers. Be careful of your income.

* distributor details:



3, in the same case, the PID link at the back point takes precedence over the previous PID. For example: I’m in sh419 search "Taobao diamond shop" >

2. in the payment details page, please print or copy and carry the following information:

6. if your name is not Pinyin payee we introduced the standard format such as Liao Xi, Zhang Xiaoming, the name before, in a space after the middle name, please click here to apply for change of name, your Pinyin payee please note that you do not need to change the name of your remittance Chinese payee.

source address: 1600, Amphitheatre, Parkway, Mountain, View, CA 94043, USA

1, PID outside Taobao station is preferred in station PID. That is to say: your PID level on Taobao platform is not as good as out of the station. For example: the user through the PID link to others site taobao shopping, and point you in the Taobao community Amoy link. Outside the station, PID has an advantage.


3. take your valid ID with you, such as your ID card, driver’s license and passport.

do CPS most afraid of is to drop single, this phenomenon seems to be very common in the Taobao customer circle, often someone looking for Taobao customer service response: drop single, lost single case. At the same time, because Taobao guest system is still very immature, unable to view the flow of traffic only after the user confirmed payment, in order to see the data in the background, a problem, it is easy to cause panic. Old Peng think: Taobao is a big company, now Taobao customers are still in the early stages of promotion. During this period, he could not do anything to kill the goose that lays golden eggs. Black list problem is not possible.

* your payment monitoring code MTCN, this number is 10 digit number.

receive the Western Union remittance procedure as follows:

5. go to your nearest Western Union agency or branch to receive payment payment, if you have any questions, please call the remittance free service hotline 8008208668 for help, we have to Chinese remittance department contact in advance related matters, to believe that they can help you.

how about the strange and wonderful drop list and the lost form of the Taobao guest response? Before answering this question, I’d like to introduce a noun: PID, Taobao, PID, and a bunch of 8 digit numbers. The customer has an exclusive Taobao PID, Taobao is not the single guest system to judge you, on PID. We do Tao guest promotion, but also the promotion of containing the PID link. s.click.taobao/t_1, i=qXjTOVi8AeKHZg%3D%3D& p=mm_13821418_0_0& n=11

4. first select the nearest Western Union agent, you can access the payment-solutions/agent.asp, please submit the address from " Product" " product in the drop-down box; Quick Cash" exprs. You will then see the list of your latest Western Union agencies. If you don’t find it, please call West Union’s free service hotline 8008208668 for your advice.

7., if you change your payment terms between October 25th and October 30th, your payment is likely to be made in the way you have changed, and you may be late in your account