What’s the function of

has passed the domain name authentication, so you can begin to enjoy the convenience of shlf1314 Apps.

that lets users decide to go back to Facebook? Nature drives humanity. We are born with people, not desks and chairs, not spaces. Humans, for example, are the only animals that can dream about social interactions;

shlf1314 Apps provides two sets of ways to validate domain names for shlf1314 Apps. Method 1. Adding HTML files; method two, adding CName records.


festival every year, particularly this year! This year’s Y Combinator Business School ceremony held at the Stanford University Memorial Auditorium, the annual festival there are about 2000 participants, there are several large coffee from the sector to make a speech.

you can’t judge everything by Pareto’s law must have what you do best;


if you’ve just gone through the shlf1314 Apps application, in the shlf1314 Apps administration panel, you’ll see the following control panel. The upper right corner of the circle, is calling for the local domain verification

relatively speaking, the method is relatively simple and quick; method two is suitable for those who have not uploaded the file permissions to the server.

after I had a bad day, I usually looked at the monthly income statement.

when you are successful, not everyone will cheer for you. The longer you solve this industry, the more you find that the government or corruption or both have been trying to protect them;

we introduced how to apply the shlf1314 Apps service now, and a little off the work is not finished, it is to verify the domain name. The so-called authentication domain name, is to prove that this domain name is all you have.

, Travis, Kalanick, Uber, founder,

I’ve seen many companies struggling to solve small problems, but for me, the most interesting problem is working around the world and getting some basic questions.

, for example, I applied for the zongtong.org mailbox, but I have to prove that the zongtong.org domain name is mine, so I can use it for the shlf1314 Apps service. Otherwise, you just take someone else’s domain name to apply for shlf1314 Apps, it is not a mess.

before Facebook had 1 million users, I didn’t decide to drop out;

method one, adding HTML files for validation. shlf1314 will automatically generate a string of numbers for you, in accordance with the requirements of this string of numbers stored as text, and then uploaded to the specified location the root of the domain name, you can. Verification is then performed.


Uber’s math department

a natural way to define science and technology is "because it extends human capabilities."". Glasses allow people to see things, and computers extend your thinking. Steve and Jobs used to think of computers as two wheeled cars of ideas. On the other hand, social networking sites can expand your relationships;

, Mark, Zukerberg, Facebook, co-founder and CEO

includes the social networking giant Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zukerberg, the founder of Travis car rental application Uber Kalanick, Y Combinator Jessica Livingston, partner in the picture of social networking sites Pinterest founder Ben Silberman, founder of Github Tom Preston-Werner and the Japanese e-commerce giant cool days founder Hiroshi Mikitani. I summed up some of my most attractive speeches and summarized them.


method two, adding CName records for validation. shlf1314 will still generate a string of numbers that will take the string as the subdomain name for your domain name. In your domain name administration panel, add a CNAME record to the subdomain CNAME to shlf1314. When the subdomain record is in effect, verify it.