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technology Tencent was informed that currently sing the line of KTV product development is in progress, is expected to have one or two months after forming a closed beta in the KTV store after molding, before the end of this year, the first batch of sing the line KTV officially listed, 5 years to win the next 2000 line KTV shop. This is the goal of the present singing.

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sing CEO Chen Hua Tencent technology plan

funds can be used as part of urban expansion subsidies, he believes that Tencent and didi early this year, user subsidies can be used for reference.

talking about the line, he said, before, Internet Co is afraid of the line, and now this era has arrived. The contribution of the Internet ten years is to develop a product manager for a large number of traditional industries, but does not change much with the product manager of thinking of the Internet, the pursuit of the ultimate idea to transform the line, have time to.


previously, Tencent technology has been disclosed, sing it, intends to invest through mergers and acquisitions, opened the line KTV. However, Chen Hua has not disclosed which is specific, and hopes to disclose by the end of this year.

Dangdang orders submitted later, if you check the wrong single, only in the customer service is not audited when their cancellation, and if you use coupons, active cancellation of orders, coupons are not returned. The outstanding orders can be cancelled at any time before shipment.

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do offline KTV?

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Dangdang order is a list of the delivery address, payment, etc. from the list of books arranged at a glance. The outstanding order is the whole page arrangement, payment method, invoice, list and so on. If you want to change it, you need to change it from top to bottom.

active customer to cancel the order after Dangdang will do when payment bank return to your bank card, will not return the virtual account, if you want to return the virtual account, need to cancel the order after telephone contact Dangdang customer service, or timely mail, more than one day if not, Dangdang has arranged a refund. In order to cancel the joyo, after your book will return to the virtual account, can immediately re under another order, if you no longer have to return to the bank for the purchase of books, cards, mail to contact customer service. Refund speed, excellent for 1 days, Dangdang 2 days arrival.

from June this year, I was in the well-known B2C platform Dangdang and excellence, respectively, 200, 50 orders, and now I record the experience in two platforms.

Abstract after considering the various O2O patterns, Chen Hua believes that the best way is to control the overall experience of KTV using the internet.

‘s mysterious partner,

, Chen Hua summed up, sing the first two years of Entrepreneurship:

, Tencent, science, technology and technology, June 5th,

line expansion requires a lot of capital, after the experience of February 2012 and July of that year, two were from the blue Chi and Sequoia investment Chen Hua said recently, consider the next round of financing.

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at the beginning of June when the order is basically the next day delivery, to the second half of the time order processing speed is slow, the most is the 2 days of delivery, the latest 3 days of delivery, courier if no delivery number query, do not know where to send the mail, then more slowly, the post office is when will delay 2 days to delivery. The single most outstanding is the day after the payment delivery, need to transfer cargo Book prompted, outstanding orders is expected after pretreatment after the latest shipment date and expected delivery time at a glance, not this time error, estimation is excellent for many years of accumulated data.

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1, customer familiarity with the platform for the first book

"KTV is a windfall industry", into the line of KTV field, Chen Hua’s goal is also straightforward: low-cost, Gao Lirun, fun.

Chen Hua positioned the family as a strategic partner. For both sides of the strategic cooperation model, Chen Hua said, "can be counted as" sing their own ", which can be inferred, sing, take a strategic stake strategy, rather than a wholly-owned merger.


Dangdang platform is in line with the habits of the Chinese people, the first book buyers in accordance with operating instructions, you can complete orders. Excellent platform may be foreign Amazon finished, so personal feeling is not very "Chinese" in excellence, you click the buy button after the jump, into the clearing center of the operating button on the page in the book for the first time on the right, who is not very easy to see. Details: the buy button after Dangdang is open in a new window is open in the current window of excellence, in my humble opinion, can buy more books in a new window to open the client.

who, from the words of knowledge and inference is Chen Hua, treasury, music, the same song, candy, Jimmy Chung, Agogo a, should be earlier and sing existing cooperation experience.

in singing, to do offline KTV strategy disclosure, sing, CEO Chen Hua fulfilled the previous commitment to Tencent technology, announced details after the Dragon Boat festival".

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3 order modification

line KTV cooperation model is, sing it, responsible for design rules and gameplay, specific matters, such as licensing, shop decoration and other issues are responsible for the partners. In the name of the shop, sing the elements will be brought into.