6. and Sogou Pinyin to pay attention to, why, because when the user Sogou Pinyin input error, automatic pop-up Sogou search, this is not only the user with parameters, and a lot of trouble, jump page, because also have their own web site.

download station traffic is relatively high,

so when you say 1000IP can earn more than $100, 99% of the webmaster will curse you.

this ad is 60 yuan per 1000 clicks.

such download stations, are generally put in some software information

1000IP60 yuan, this is the highest price is 03 years, I came into contact with the network advertisement in this industry, I found that in recent years the real first over 60 yuan is to click on ads, YAHOO 1G mailbox, at that time the largest click alliance is the 3721 alliance, this is their business launch the.

this is the second form of advertising.

third forms of advertising, is similar to the sky software and other download station portal

this is one of the common forms of advertising at the download station,

3.2345 navigation jump Union, or go2000 jump Union, you know, they jump through your station to make money in Union, in fact, your station jumped a few times, called no traffic. Even if you have one million of the flow, can withstand jump for a few days,

10000*5%*60/1000=30 yuan


, that is, if it’s 1000IP, it’s only $3 in revenue.

as a navigation station, the common way to make money is to do web site alliances, add small text ads and the like, or add a few promotional software in common software. But in the process of making money, do not ignore the other side, that is, to do these shortcomings of promotion. Because the ads themselves have their own navigation, you help them to promote, and their things installed to the user’s computer, the user’s home page will be set for their navigation. The following example through a detailed analysis of the Central Plains by:

in general, the click rate will not exceed 5%

that’s why 90% of the stations are unprofitable,

these software are shared >

2, when we close the download page, a new page is often popped up.

is alliance click advertising.

7. there is an important point, estimates we are using the 114LA program, installed directly on a product navigation, but there are a lot of links are also 114LA advertising, so to find out those links as far as possible, for their own.

this is the second form of advertising, that is, pop-up advertising.

1000IP, in fact, can eject only about 30%, because each machine is equipped with interceptor software.

5. less 360 promotion, more promotion of Kingsoft, promotion of navigation station to do 360 on you, is self defeating, also disguised promotion of their 360 home, 360 mainly rely on this meal to provide free antivirus, Kingsoft no home, so we must charge. In addition to promote the 360 money, Kingsoft also does a 20 fen. How do I choose? I think you should be quite clear.

1. thunderbolt movie, your navigation station promotion if there is no thunderbolt movie, and I can tell you that the thunder in the surface with the alliance, promoting their own movies, but this year and last year, many movies are link to go directly to their 155 navigation station. So your station is pushed out, you know,

2. did you promote UUSEE network TV? If so, you should pay attention to it. The software has their own navigation station directly. If you are not careful, the software will automatically be set up as the homepage of your computer. To download UUSEE, there is a home shortcut key.


, that is to say, the income is 1000*6*0.3=1, 8 cents.

in fact, click advertising, that is, domestic click ads, on average, every 1000IP, no more than 5 yuan of income.

then everyone will say, 1000IP can earn 60 yuan ah, good.

so, my friend said, "1000IP’s pop is 6 bucks, plus click, isn’t that 10 bucks

such as some management software, hotel software and so on

because they know the industry too well.

recently I was correcting my station, now also focus on advertising, not blindly flow up to make money, as long as the advertisement plan in place, there is efficiency to make money, or even if the flow is very large, the money is not proportional to the regret. So be bold and try. Now I’m going straight to Zhuo!

4. as little as possible to promote Nora, because Nora tied 360 navigation Home page. Users accidentally set the home page, and there are shortcuts, people read 360 of the home page, will not use you, because you are not 360 famous, so be realistic.

let’s calculate, what’s the daily revenue for the 10 thousand IP download station?.


is because China’s overall network environment is so

1, at the earliest, in 04 years, when YAHOO launched the 1G mailbox, basically the entire network of webmaster is putting this ad