focuses on three major investment areas

Yu Minhong: "when two people were drinking together, he said," I started to be an angel. I asked you why you started to be an angel, "he said." I talk to young people now and I feel full of energy. Our chances of starting a business and becoming a big one are small, but if we pay them to do it, it will be infinitely large."

Sheng Xitai: "2 hundred million of the size of the actual two years are not necessarily finished, because the amount of investment in each project is limited.". The project is estimated at around 30 million, with a maximum of no more than 50 million, with investment of 300 to 5 million per project."

considers the areas of future concern, which he believes is mainly concentrated

Note: in the when he was drinking

accidentally collided with

then the two hit it off, to become one of the "guardian angel". Partner Sheng Xitai said, the first phase of the fund’s size is about 200 million yuan.

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hunting cloud network co-founder of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qiang founded it real funds in angel investment, with a reputation for its beautiful return also began to stimulate Yu Minhong. The volatility and explore the road of transformation in the existing New Oriental Performance, Yu Minhong also added a new label, it is "angels", set up a special angel fund, focused on the mobile Internet, and medical health, idle away in seeking pleasure and education related fields. More interesting is that there are many behind the industry heavyweights "backing."". Following is the CNR network reported full text:

according to voice of the economy "world finance" reported that, from today on, Yu Minhong will not only be the chairman of New Oriental Group, "angel investors" became his new identity. He and Sheng Xitai senior investors jointly set up a "Hong Thai fund", yesterday, Yu Minhong in an interview with sound economy reporter Liu Nan joked, willing to do nothing to support young people, hoping to nurture the future of Ma Yun and Ma Huateng.

Yu Minhong is the head of the largest domestic education industry group "New Oriental", Sheng is Hittite experienced investors, bankers, why the two men would come together? Yu Minhong said, when an accidental collision sparks.

Yu Minhong: "we thought of a little Modern name and thought it would make sense to take one of our two names.". Just began to think what is called "Hong Tai" or "Tai Hong", feel a little later Hong Taihao. I feel like the tyrant of Hongkong, because Hongkong likes "Hong", "Tai", and these names."

"Hong Tai" in Yu Minhong and the Hittites in the name of each one word, Yu Minhong in an interview with a joke, he would do a good job, don’t joke with my name.

can’t make fun of his own name,