and our education is obviously did not add these words, even for these words are the negative words, but still can show, then it is because what

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on the line near the Shanghai love education promotion is a new style show for the education sector launched, aimed at providing better transformation for enterprises, Shanghai launched the love education promotion aims to improve the conversion, but for many of my friends have been mixed, let us happy is more of a channel to promote our training courses, and results is the promotion of education there are many flaws, data update delay, data may promote yesterday to second days is not the afternoon view, for the data we can temporarily delay may endure, and for a large number of spam traffic education and promotion, we really can not tolerate, every day not more than sixty percent of the traffic related keywords, such as a small addendum to the customer is doing English training, and search 900 English sentences, how to learn English, English stories, English Not even Zhengzhou language small adult piano training but also to show our results.


education promotion only 2 promotion mode, one is the phrase matching, an exact match, but in fact, phrase search promotion and widely, is about the same, if we consider the keywords education promotion set to phrase, it will match a large number of invalid, keywords, is similar to the previous the English training can match the spoken English 900.

education promotion function is still not perfect, if we open the precise expansion of the state, it will match than junk keyword phrases, "more.




Our unit ad


through the above 2 strokes, can let you love the Shanghai education promotion costs by half. This article source: Jie Technology   www.jckeji贵族宝贝, please indicate the source! Thank you

in the third party alliance website put relevant keywords, click the automatic extraction of these words, many will show our education promotion advertising, love cooperation website Shanghai alliance has hundreds of thousands of visitors every day, hundreds of millions, this also is a waste of love education in Shanghai spread a lot of advertising. Only when we set the love Shanghai education promotion keywords matching mode matching, and close the precise expand state, click on these related keywords, don’t show our education results.