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in keyword selection, bidding can choose any business related keywords and keyword promotion, regardless of degree of difficulty and complexity; keywords network push selection to be relatively difficult, because that is the use of search engine keyword ranking rules for promotion, so when the choice of keywords a lot of keywords is not selected. And a lot of words can not be underestimated the difficulty of promotion.

The same promotion methods

paid for promotion (hereinafter referred to as bidding) and the Shanghai dragon search engine (hereinafter referred to as the network push) is through the keywords ranking to achieve business visits and sales means. Extended keywords, the keywords have a good ranking in Shanghai and other search engines, so that the user clicks on a priority, achieve the purpose of promotion.

auction fees by keywords ranking of search volume and clicks to decide, but just need to pay fees push net net salary can push people.

for the enterprise, to achieve a good benefit, so all kinds of publicity and promotion is essential, especially in this century the popularity of the network, network promotion is an indispensable platform for propaganda. Enterprise network marketing planning in two aspects: can choose to pay for the promotion and contraction of Shanghai dragon engine promotion. That one is more suitable for the enterprise? The small Loudi real estate network (贵族宝贝ldfdc贵族宝贝) brings the contrast for everyone:

enterprise usually do the bidding of knowledge so few words, others are not within the scope of promotion, also do not need to post, the server need only top can; network promotion is realized through the post, and in the realization of the keywords ranking website information that exists in many forums, Post Bar, classification information network, advertising coverage more information is targeted, users can completely rely on the information to achieve the purpose of search. Keywords information associated with relatively higher content, it is more consistent with the needs of users.



generally, bidding keywords ranking is when the server settings from the signing of the contract began to reach the keywords ranking; and push effect was much slower than the auction, because the need for manual posting to the top, so the effect is relatively slow.

5, to promote the effectiveness analysis of

came to the bidding promotion purpose is mainly through negotiation with the search engine, and then buy enough keywords corresponding ranking; network push is through the keywords based on the manual way to use the search engine of post stack and ranking.