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two: the quality of the chain, now the site outside of the chain can’t rely solely on the number of the chain, to know the love of Shanghai according to the latest ranking rules, the weight of the chain number has been greatly reduced, and now love Shanghai more attention to brand website, that is the high quality of the chain, don’t see some master site outside the chain is not much, but the quality of the chain are very high, so for the novice, to obtain the high quality of the chain is very important as far as possible, of course, for the new station, because the PR value is low, so start the construction of the chain, or to find out the best quantity, and then engage in quality!


to the above two factors is the most important to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai will be able to access your site, if you can attract several times a day, then your website will be updated snapshot of natural love Shanghai very quickly, like A5, every day there are several hours to update the website content, plus countless reproduced website the content, and the high quality of the chain, but also because the content update rules, so to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai every day frequently patronize the

: a website content update frequency is normal, many types of enterprises or government types of sites in the content update is not normal, and some personal webmaster is a part-time website, so content updates to do every day, but today once soared, then a few days are not updated, this website of love Shanghai is in no way updated! Every day, as long as we update the two original articles on the line, basically to achieve the snapshot

A5 is known for a long time, and for the new station, a good way to attract spider nature is to create link bait, such as making some research report, write some software, web templates, initiated a number of controversial topics are useful, here to introduce these methods to create link bait

two: around the new keywords you create several original articles of high quality, and then put on your own website, if have the energy to engage in a project, do a research report, and then add internal links in web content rich food as spider

is currently doing optimization of the main way to Shanghai dragon chain is the content update and release of high quality, but many start building a website, even so hard to do often have little effect, but this is like the march to war, even that enemy, but because there is no any practical result in website operation is not completely victory! Many new, revision, modify title keywords station will appear love Shanghai snapshot update slow, or even a month, half a year are possible, then the influence factors of the website snapshot of what love Shanghai? In fact, the content and the chain is a very important factor for the

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three: the article was posted to the forum and blog, of course, can also be a single.

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: a web content innovation of some new words around, these words is not hot, but to the one and only