1, domain name registration details. First of all, the domain name is the only way to find the website search engine, especially your level domain name, when the site binding a domain name search engine is generally not included or by spiders to crawl three level domain name page. But if the search engines crawl or three level domain name or no www domain, so we need to put the weight to a unified domain, the need to do 301 redirect the domain name website search engine only included a domain name, and then change the weight of the dispersion. This point requires us to name the quality of screening, we can use to register the domain name included the webmaster tools to check your page, the reverse link, if the record 0 is the best, if not 0 then we must carefully examine the application site before and what type, this can be viewed by love Shanghai snapshots.

set your keywords or keywords or web site title as the title of the Pinyin or Pinyin initials can be a good domain name, such as a web site titled "Tianjin XX" then apply for "TJXX" such as domain name, so the search engine more friendly, but also help visitors remember your site.

is third, must choose your domain name registrar, an unstable domain registrar on your site is fatal, choose a qualified domain name provider has many years of sales experience for your domain renewal of great help, don’t wait to renew when looking for a domain name provider can not find it. The domain name can only see the dead, so here to remind everyone to pay attention to. The problem of domain name here, in the domain name is the only way to search engines crawl your site.

network development stage website search engine after birth categories emerge in an endless stream, changed some network pattern, we have changed our way of publicity website. There are two points of engine search, one is negative, on the other hand is a must. But we all agree that the emergence of the search engine is an inevitable product of the Internet, is developing into a period of inevitable, but as there is no search engine, there will be many search engine company is unknown. Now that we are relying on the search engine, then you must do full work in terms of search engines, today we are in Shanghai Longfeng before doing a specific explanation. Shanghai dragon is a process, in the search engines before your site must all work well.

2, choose a good space, "good" is in many aspects, such as spatial stability, support connection number, access speed, etc..

Secondly, if

first, the most important is your space with IP content from other sites, these sites on your website is fatal, a little of what I say is not serious. If these provisions of the site is not formal or illegal search engine, the telecommunications sector, so your site will also be involved with IP, if too many search engines do not welcome the station, then.