data, in the absence of data before the analysis can not determine the site layout and the content is reasonable or not is not allowed to do the revision, no user needs analysis of the revision is equal to the Dutch act. The user needs analysis including love Shanghai drop-down box analysis and correlation analysis and search search keywords top 20 web site layout analysis. For example, the keyword of the website is Beijing second-hand furniture, Beijing second-hand furniture market in the drop-down box address, Beijing second-hand furniture recycling, Beijing second-hand furniture transfer. That is to say is very important to address the needs of users, the second is the recovery and transfer. How to prove what I said is true? Search Beijing second-hand furniture in a home is Beijing second-hand furniture market address Daquan, the people of Beijing and Beijing, Beijing old network list to play inside the title transfer, sale or transfer of key word "market". Just appear in the title page content is not enough, if there is no matching content ranking is easy to fall down. In our analysis of this search keywords need to cooperate with these content if it is found that our website does not have these contents to consider increasing content or to replace other content with these contents. Replace the contents and not a lot of revision, must be in the replacement after the change does not affect, such as a section of the content is another area instead of.


again website, small site level cannot 1, general operating three layer, three layer after the contents of the search engine is difficult to grab included. 2, different section of the article is generally not recommended to do link. 3, do anchor text links. 4, in order to breadcrumbs inside pages. 5, enterprise station there is a navigation, delete vertical navigation. 6, each article do different recommendations, rather than the recommended United station. 7, all sites exist only a list page, if you need to click two times list page can click to the need to reduce a level.

old station is quite troublesome, because they do not know before the operation, so I do not know how to optimize the next. Some Shanghai dragon Er after receiving soon do you know the website ranking, because data analysis which requires optimization of the operation, finish data analysis to know what to do next optimization.

is the first thing you need to check the chain, to see whether the chain is not conducive to the optimization of the part. For example, the purchase of the chain, hidden links and the chain link spam. If you find a garbage link with the Webmaster Platform chain shield chain, remove hidden links and the chain. Buy link time revoked, at the same time to remove all links lead to weight loss of the web site keywords ranking, even the site right down, buy a week to revoke the 4-5 link, until completely revoked.

Optimization of

the structure of the site if there is any one of the above problems are confusing, but the confusion mentioned above does not require all modifications, such as level and if you modify the list page will lead to a large number of dead links, if there is this website two issues cannot be modified.

The second is the analysis of The structure of