is Links, we do in the chain do the most common and most of the way the chain, the chain is to help each other to jointly improve a form of website traffic and natural ranking, so in Links construction, most of the webmaster or part exchange Links, naturally there is a small part of the webmaster will brush clever tricks what to deceive you, get your site chain website do not give you any return, the following Xiaobian sorted to help you avoid the exchange of a chain trap.


after the 1. change immediately delete


4. cross link


this is very easy to understand, do a garbage site >


this is the most simple tricks on the surface, I told you for a Links, you start with my link, I will add your link to a day or two days a week, I secretly put your link is deleted, then your website will be transfer weight to me, you do not get a little weight, each link will become you to my one-way links, encounter this kind of situation is not what needs to be communicated directly to each other, you can link, you are also my nonsense.

this may not easily understand the general webmaster! Is said by some simple structure to make foreign friends of the chain link station before being transported to reduce weight, so as to achieve the purpose of multi harvest to pay less. The most common this kind of situation is the nofollow link, even if this Links page is included, but the weight is scanty, you don’t need a little weight from my website.

2. chain weight

3. by way Links page will not be included in

cross links small to put here, because it seems that most webmaster cross links is better than two-way link, but the trick in what place? Some competitors analyze your website through the chain analysis, your website has a certain website and exchange links, some owners will tell you a certain website is his website, now you don’t need to add a link to his former website, you only need to put the website chain to another website is good, there is this situation, to the last substantive significance is that he didn’t have any pay but got your site chain


website Links page looks just like an ordinary web, some structure also is normal, but the net webmaster want to understand, search engines do not included in your website the most used technique is what? Is ROBOTS.TXT files, so in the face of this situation in general when we exchange links can be added PR as reference factors, because the PR at least that can be included in search engines have

5. spam sites exchange links