here, it is necessary to exchange matters need to pay attention to the Links brief. Generally speaking, our web page chain will control it in between 20 to 30. The reason to do this is to control our own site outbound links number. If outbound links too much weight will be our home page scattered too serious. It not only their own weight can not grasp, not to mention to your site page transfer weight.

imagine if you want to optimize a page, you want to enhance the weight of the page, in addition to time in the content above, must have a large number of high quality links pointing to it. While our website is able to provide a weight of such transfer, and the effect is very good.

at this time, perhaps some friends will ask, since the home link is so important, then some other words such as "contact us", "company" and other less important page how to do, we do not need to optimize these pages. This time the author suggests, such as >

we will start from the highest home page (the website weight is generally speaking, such) contains almost all the website home page columns and columns, each column in the updated content page will follow change. The first page in addition to these things, we often see some links to a position above the page are not often change. This page put these links, is the author talked about today’s weight page role, it is mandatory for a column or article you want to optimize the page transfer weight, but also a long-term change.

above this screenshot is the transfer of weight in articles about "Shanghai dragon based tutorial" section in the blog, the purpose is very simple, is to promote some day in the future these articles single page ranking.

on the weight page, actually do not have much information about this knowledge, this thing may be too simple, a lot of people think should not spend an article about it. But even if it is a small point of knowledge, can let more novice entry to Shanghai dragon master, not unwelcome. Although not too many official reports, but through some examples of Shanghai Longfeng expert operation, there are still many worthy of reference.

The concept of


weight page is very simple, it is in a relatively high weight website page, page weight with this property is the site of the page. In general a site of the highest weight page is the home page, but the page weight is not just confined to the home page, a page as long as any other good weight can be called a page weight.

took my own Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon blog, is also using this form to enhance the weight of column page and the inside pages and rankings, as shown below: