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Shanghai dragon I engaged in this industry, but also optimize the many sites, there are portals, forums, business station. But relatively speaking, more and more enterprises or optimize the station, in fact, enterprises are relatively easy to optimize, most of the enterprise stand keywords index are relatively low, but I found that many companies are thought to optimize the home page is very difficult, in fact, because most of the business people took to optimize the knowledge in station and do not know many things, in addition to the site and not too many have corresponding strategies to optimize now, we analyze some problems on Enterprise Station face

, in fact we can think of, we do Shanghai dragon is to rank and rank up to what is? Is not the flow, with the flow and conversion rate is for what?!!! here there will be a lot of Shanghai dragon doubts, we are here to do Shanghai dragon, not to do the conversion rate, conversion rate is the company’s products and services, so I want to ask you? If not the company rankings do the home page, and every day the IP 10W, but no conversion, you think this is needed? I believe that most of the business owner Zhao Shanghai dragon and not often see your rankings, the boss is more concerned about how much turnover


station is a lot of enterprises choose apply template construction, space is not stable, constantly modify the site title and causes more difficult to optimize, and the establishment for keywords and web site title, description of the settings and not too much to pay attention to the site, all of the column page, content page is the Title or description of a unified, and most of the words are no search volume, it can be said, do not need to optimize on the home page. This word you optimize interesting? Can bring you flow? There is most of the enterprise stand over the pursuit of beautiful appearance, a large number of flash, JS code to search engine unfriendly things, the same page and a large number of dead links exist on the site surface.

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in the enterprise station optimization is different from the network, if you are in the enterprise station Shanghai dragon, then you must be aware of the 2 problems mentioned above, make relevant strategies, so that you can stay longer

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we all know, the main thought of Shanghai Longfeng is the keywords ranking Shanghai love home, and for the conversion problem I believe most of the Shanghai dragon will not go too much attention, that is not their nature of work

: the first station of the early problems