besides, whether it is doing web sites or doing App, many people like to add all the functions that users need. In fact, good function to achieve the ultimate, not important functions can not do. After singing, many people say <

sing, last May 31st on line, and now every day there are millions of users of activity, the total amount of users is about to break 100 million. If I had to think of a way to generate explosive growth on the mobile Internet today, it would be difficult for me to think of it. First of all, the demand for KTV is not created by singing, but actually existed in real life, and it covers a large population. But our main user is still a fashionable crowd up and down at the age of 20.

mobile Internet screen is very small, when we sing in the design of Logo and Slogan, think the most is how to allow the user to open the mobile phone with hundreds of icons, remember you not remember the icon itself should be eye-catching enough?. For example, we found a characteristic red and white is very effective. The original news client is blue, and then they found a blue icon in the mobile phone screen is basically ignored, it finally put the whole color are changed into red, white, is the hope that the user to open the mobile phone will be able to find this icon.

first tools, then community

sing Slogan is also more interesting, we hope that users will soon remember it. Because when you install mobile phone applications, first of all think of functions, such as calculators, flashlights, etc., rather than the community. I want to sing it. It’s a function in the mobile phone. Can your mobile phone sing? Can’t you? Then pretend to sing. So our Slogan is "KTV in your phone", which makes it lower the threshold.

what would be considered cheating />
now lists some commonly used network that is cheating, to the greatest degree of protection of members and the interests of advertisers, standardize network advertising behavior. If your site uses some unconventional means are listed in the table below, or your site is closed, you can control this table view, and under the guidance of "revised and improved to the maximum possible to avoid or reduce the losses caused by it. Methods: 1
keyword stack stack some high priced keywords in the page, select and output to artificially control advertising.
2 means: steal flow through the program or plug-in to steal other members or sh419 traffic flow.
show means 3: forced to tamper with IE home page, the website disguised with the sh419 LOGO page, sh419 image damage.
4 means: the premise of
advertising is disguised as forum posts or other forms of news, also belong to cheating.
5 means: forced to click on the pop-up window when the advertisement user access page, or registered in some user interface, appear endless advertising display, and to remind the user if you do not click on the ads, ads or pop-up window does not close the virus so the plug-in, click click to cheat.
7 means: the simulation click on the main site for interest through the program, by clicking on the program or script to simulate the user’s behavior, the resulting false hits are cheating on.
page 8 means: garbage without any substance "in addition to advertising, this page is garbage page, click generate click fraud.
9 means:
10 means: advertising stack
Web interface stack too much advertising blocks or in a single.

sing, there are three types of user groups. One is really sing it as KTV users, bring yourself to play, and this is also sing the vast majority of users. Another is that I sing well and want to sing and be a star. They are a large number of users, there is a strong desire to fame, there is a strong driving force, friends and relatives everywhere to join, hoping that some people pay attention to him. The third kind is for me to sing. When I play, I find some people just sing well. I just like him and want to be his fans. They are similar to Super Girls fans, very fanatical, hope that his idol achievements, will pull around the people to sing. These three groups of people constitute a very solid foundation for singing, and promote singing, to achieve the spread of self, this kind of dissemination does not need me to pay too much price.

, that is to say, the demand range for locking is a market of hundreds of millions of users, and this demand has not been well met. A lot of people like to sing, nothing to hum songs, but the opportunity to go to KTV is very small. We move it to the cell phone, and these users will come naturally.