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alt, the title attribute in the image attributes, you can tell the search engine this picture represents what content, and whether you match the current article, to website rankings. For example: alt=" Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon " is to tell the search engine of the article to express the content is about the Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon.

joined the station link in the picture is to allow users and search engines can better navigate the site, link can make the same category links, so that the user will not return to the home page to jump directly to the same column, can greatly enhance the user’s browsing experience.

when you published an article, which is full of text, the reader will feel boring, then exit influence web page browsing time. Indirectly affect the ranking of the weight of the site. When you add a picture on the inside, allowing users to browse the site can slightly change the visual and not feel weary.

to enhance the website now Shanghai dragon ranking, today took the picture website to discuss how to optimize the site to improve ranking.

two, is on the search engine grab website promotion

in the inside of an article is adding a lot of benefits:

There are a lot of factors associated with is adding links in the picture

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