I do not know whether you see our website without a wedding, open the web page, the background music sounded, of course, standing in the user experience really listening to lively music makes people feel good, from Shanghai Longfeng point of view, this approach has not obtained approval in the loading is also relatively slow not conducive to spider crawling and indexing. On the other hand, I want to say is, what you do is for the purpose of a website is? In order to obtain high ranking or high returns? I believe every boss mind is this website >

had to say that Flash homepage structure website is one thing each Er Shanghai dragon are headache. However, we do a Shanghai dragon er who can say which website optimization is relatively simple without a headache? Because there is the irreconcilable contradiction between many times Shanghai dragon and user experience, this is a fact at first glance, the net station three keywords the relevant search volume has more than 20 million, is extremely difficult to optimize keywords, which is also a navigation structure, Flash home page so, plus the necessary map is inevitable, so, to facilitate the search engine following the anchor text in-depth website page, any page easy to crawl the site content at the same time also is convenient for the user to on the site, the user experience and search spiders are included is quite helpful, believe that every friend understand Shanghai dragon heart to understand.

recently, taking over a website main keywords is Shenzhen wedding planning, wedding company Shenzhen, Shenzhen wedding, the website is ranked 49: Shenzhen wedding planning, wedding wedding company Shenzhen 55, Shenzhen 84, this website is more special, Flash page structure, although there is contact, but for this page the whole structure of the Flash site still need to talk about the user experience and the Shanghai dragon little relationship. I can see a snapshot in March 4th through the Site command, Google PR value is 3. Obviously, the homepage Flash website structure or have a certain influence for the love of Shanghai snapshot. Because the search engine still has a certain degree of difficulty, for the identification of Flash therefore caused some difficulty grasping, to a certain extent affected the website snapshot.

of the mainstream search engines have emphasized we should enhance the user experience of the website. So, starting from the Shenzhen wedding will also focus on the user experience, although most of the content is FLASH structure, but also did not give up the breakdown of website structure. Column structure center of Shenzhen wedding company mainly reflected in the grasp of interest to the user level, starting from several aspects of wedding etiquette, wedding process and so on, between the column and column close also get reasonable layout, this is to emphasize the relationship between internal links, facilitate the search spider crawling more widely. Of course, this is also convenient in optimization in strengthening the user interaction, and guide the user clicks on a deeper page in high PV but also enhance the user experience.