love Shanghai is generally accurate advertising image ads, a variety of specifications, need to locate the keywords on the front. The price is generally dominated by CPC, the publish price is 6 yuan per click. Of course, the publish price is the actual price quotation, advertisers need to communicate and love Shanghai, varies with the size and other conditions on the.

love Shanghai advertising association with conventional advertising is not the same, can buy a particular turn >

(love Shanghai for promotion which has several advertising illustrations)

two, love Shanghai Advertising Association

, a Shanghai advertising

love Shanghai targeted advertising is an active way of advertising advertising push. Love Shanghai rely on the analysis of massive users in Shanghai love on the platform to understand user behavior, judgment and property segmentation, will be associated with strong advertising push to different groups of target users.

seems to pull away, now that the topic got the article inside. Today you said love Shanghai for promotion advertising is divided into several, and the core of love Shanghai in bidding for advertising is that. Then explain each kind of advertisement is how to achieve and what form of advertising is to show in front of the user. According to the observation of Wang Wangkui, at present there are five kinds of love Shanghai promotion advertising, are: Shanghai, Shanghai love love advertising Advertising Association, Shanghai love brand area advertising, advertising, Shanghai Nuggets love love Shanghai keyword advertising these five categories, the analysis about the core of each kind of Yiyi advertising.



, for example, a mobile phone users to search the related information in love the sea, love Shanghai through the user browser (Cookie server temporarily stored in your computer, save the surfing habits), the user will judge for people interested in mobile phone. When some big advertisers, such as apple, Samsung and Sony Ericsson to buy love Shanghai advertising, and mobile phone, mobile phone and other types of specified keywords to target users pay attention to the word. So when the corresponding user groups during a visit to love Shanghai MP3, pictures, Post Bar, know and news channel page, it is possible to see the love of Shanghai mobile phone advertising.

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