for the most common example, do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng a year long, actually have not modified the page title. A year should not be a novice, but that is best not to modify the title of this principle, or even afraid to modify the title, in my opinion it is fantastic that you know is Shanghai dragon can be a knowledge in practice, sometimes change the title position can be acquired greatly enhanced and modified sometimes the title will promote the snapshot update. Furthermore, many people say that navigation is useless, but what they say? Do you have a navigation test whether it is invalid? Did you see some people a good ranking, navigation is still there? You also said the black hat is cheating you clothes "I do not like the black hat, do not also look at ah pro, do black hat is a master right?… do… Shanghai dragon to bold to imagine, to try, be learned in peacetime work, don’t just write something every day the hair outside the chain, there are that will never break.

Shanghai dragon Er

we see no execution:

a lot of putting in execution, the theory that everyone can speak a lot of opening, but the real implementation of the site optimization is very small, is Shanghai Longfeng in theory, for these people, I just want to say, I have not done please to take speak out, to avoid misleading.

, take the chain, the chain of most enterprises are only 1000 station, few see 10000 of the chain, and 10000 chain generally ranked just; a day to do 100 outside the chain, is effective in 30, a year down there are more than 10000 chain. But many a year down the chain always stays at the level of the line, you dare to say you do the chain, even if there is no quality, quantity is enough to achieve a qualitative change. Get real, you have a link with the logo keyword to the home page? Know the spider came to the site first encountered links have the effect to Shanghai dragon, specifically do you have? Have you tried to add H1 tags in the home to see what effect the rankings? You have to adjust the layout keywords or to increase or decrease the keyword density look effect on Shanghai dragon navigation? Have you tried? Say with good for Shanghai Longfeng, when you write is not every page with pictures?… you really believe that… To implement these things, execution, even if your ranking not how you can learn a lot of things.

is not a final change: >

we are here to say no opinion:

in the learning process will encounter various difficulties in the Shanghai dragon, some people have been overcome, successful, but some people are still part of the ordinary, do not know why, work in practice, See rankings will gradually lost the execution, rely on the market some Shanghai dragon " greatestquotes " do not have their own ideas, bound hands and feet.