two, modify the title right down

2, around the new anchor text keywords increase import links on the outside, remember that it is the anchor text, but also to modify the new keywords as anchor text.

1, reasonable title will bring unexpected benefits to the website ranking, this must have some old Adsense website title and not know, cannot be modified, but to meet the user experience to modify, in this case, SE may be able to give you a good website ranking


1, in front of the fast 4 ways to improve the weights of the website mentioned that everyone can do, the weight drop right after recovery must also do so.

I am sure that all or most of the webmaster friends have time to change the site title, especially a lot of new friends, to a period of time, but did not enhance the website keywords ranking up, anxious, and then to change the title, the site title change caused by unreasonable site is down right SE also, or websites such as online and indexed by SE, feel the site title is not good, but to change frequently. Such things too much, in some large webmaster forum almost every day someone asked these topics.

4 new sites, generally do not change, the SE has a very long time to the railway station, although this period may your love Shanghai website snapshot is updated every day, but does not mean you have weight, advice is new do not change, more than 3 months of the new station can be managed to call the old station, the content of the website and the chain began entering a mature stage, can change the title, SE pseudo right down short, but usually the case will soon get back to the

2, should not be a large area of the site title change, can be modified or changed to a small range by segmentation principle, not from the website subject to change, not with the original title of the gap is too big. If there is the old station you can change each time point, a little change in the cut off time.

, a website title needs to pay attention to things

3, directly change domain name, this premise is if you have patience! Little time a few days just fine weight >

3, modify the site title, keyword can be based on this modification to construct the original article, published on the web site, but also need to adhere to a period of time, and the new change of import link anchor text keywords.

website optimization mixed kid today suddenly want to give this blog I change my title, as a veteran, have such idea, I really have some feel shy, after all many friends do stand before the line will want to good site title in the new station, this article in front of the new station on the line the preparatory work before the corresponding I mentioned, interested friends can go to the next. Some personal experience, so this article is on site to change the title of the