blog marketing believe to all the webmaster who are not familiar with the popular blog, micro-blog in recent years, blog marketing in website optimization and promotion in the field also occupies a very important position, good blog promotion can not only effectively improve site weight and ranking, increase the reverse link site, and the most important is that it can be directly to the site to bring endless flow, bring benefit to the website, but how do we go to the blog marketing well is our webmaster should always pay attention to the problem, today Chengdu excellence in education and everyone together to share how I do through the blog marketing to improve site traffic.

blog blog blog contains the name of the location of the platform type of blog promotion need keywords of these three categories, the first high quality blog must have a very attractive title, to highlight the theme; second is to build a platform, the platform to build the company’s main project must be based on their own the camp product type to choose a suitable weight better, can not be all platforms do, this is not only a waste of time and energy efficiency at the same time, or almost zero, such as blog marketing platform for small and medium enterprises, sina NetEase Sohu Sadie love Shanghai space is a good choice to select third; the key is to should be hot words this industry. The chance of such a search is much higher, not how they want to design how to set, in turn We must first analyze the key words before selection.

; 1 blog content as far as possible the original, such as hot news comments, personal views, or write their own work, life, things are their own creation of good material

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no matter your blog do typesetting beautiful, no matter how sophisticated, as an important content of the blog itself, whether it is a search engine or, or the majority of readers, accurate and valuable content will get everyone’s sympathy, all of these are the usual method used in the process of accumulation:

readers in the search.

2 blog content industry and news blog, general keywords in the love of Shanghai Google rankings is very difficult, but as long as the content of the blog itself and industry and the current news hot degree is very similar, can enhance the correlation between

more than 3 reprint and pseudo original, reproduced but things must have a very high value, while the contents of the original blog is best, but after all over the original will take a >

blog promotion and website promotion is actually complementary, of course, in the promotion of their approach is exactly the same, a good blog, also need to do the following four points: to clear the contents to be precise positioning to promote diversity to maintain lasting, as long as do the points above, web traffic will have a qualitative improvement next, the author carefully, to share with you which should pay attention to the details.

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