sum up, with the intense competition, the late start small businesses in the selection and operation of keywords >

first, choice of long tail keywords. Usually when we choose keywords, love Shanghai Google index and two index trend is preferred, you will find the careful search, when the love of Shanghai drop-down box to prompt in Shanghai and Google, love Shanghai related search, Google search, love Shanghai know, Search ask etc. These are the long tail keywords reference we choose, select the two points of the long tail word. First of all, the long tail word should be selected to meet the user search habits, standing in the user position, can refer to know how others ask questions and so on. This is a good example, secondly, extended to improve the conversion rate of their products around the main keywords. With user habits have obvious intention to buy the word as the long tail word.

third, the long tail word ranking operation. Make a stand inside the long tail word choice and layout of the station a few points outside the long tail word here to explain. First of all, the long tail word Related words or directly to the long tail word as the title, sent to other relevant forums, do the anchor text of the word in the article, the bottom link with the best of this article. In accordance with this procedure were released in other forums, increase the exposure rate etc.. And we do outreach in the station is a reason, but should pay attention to details, not even to the home page, but the page to practice our purpose is to improve the long tail word ranking.

at present, with the development of the search engine, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises will have the products of the company, to the Internet before, or a Blue Ocean network now as more and more enterprises stay, has gradually become a piece of the Red Sea, a lot of high quality keywords now has long been the industry portals, large companies, professional network companies in the country, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual entrepreneurs, how in such a dispute between the business market points a cup of soup, it is very imminent, although the competition of words, now leave our chances seem to have less and less, but our small and medium-sized enterprises operating personnel, as long as the other can still be bold but cautious, bring good results for our optimization. Well today I and everyone together to learn about how to find the long tail keywords of high quality, how to make full use of the site long tail keywords to improve the conversion rate.

second, the long tail keywords layout. We mainly use the long tail keywords in the article page to do this once was collected, as long as your article and I said the words are in accordance with the above points, ranking is not involved in what problem, we have the confidence and clout and station competition, a layout of the appropriate attention in the package containing the long tail word or relevant statement the long tail word or another argument and so on as far as possible to meet the user experience, is not easy to be search engine cheating. With the relevant keywords mentioned or interesting statements plus super chain in other articles, connected to the article above, will undoubtedly be of great advantage to improve the ranking of the long tail word.