the second is to develop the habit of recording daily website data. All related website traffic and ranking data need record: total 24 hours included, included, IP, PV, keywords ranking, related domain, search term, release the number of the chain, the chain loss rate, included rate, keyword analysis etc.. Although this work is boring, but once your website problems, they can be said to play the role of life.

I would like to recommend to you here in the first two books, "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" and "Google search engine optimization guide", perhaps a lot of people are aware of the two documents, but not the true study of these people over them? These two materials can be said of our search and engine communication channels (there are other Chinese Google webmaster blog, Google blackboard, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform etc.), is the only official recognition of Shanghai Longfeng standard textbooks, we should do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng first to familiarize them, truly a book to read a hundred times, its meaning from now.

I love watching in the teacher’s article, in the teacher’s article is to guide the learning of Shanghai dragon with some of the most basic Shanghai dragon theory, not like some masters as flashy without substance. I have read his statements of a school from A to Z several times, each time all can learn a lot from simple indeed for Shanghai Longfeng a view of knowledge, the teacher I love most of the flat is to be controlled in Shanghai dragon. This requires us to do in Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai dragon to see essence through the phenomenon, "controllable Shanghai dragon". So how should we do the controllability of Shanghai dragon, and listen to the one by one.

finally requested us to develop data analysis and data analysis of habits, like love Shanghai statistics, Google webmaster, webmaster tools, web log etc.. It is the love of Shanghai, believe that the webmaster will use every day, love Shanghai statistics has a very practical function: click on the page map, we can know our website what is love, the user clicks up according to page click on the map, what is not love, the user clicks less. With these data we can rely on the targeted fine-tuning of the website to increase user experience.

as long as do the above three points can be solved above we met in Shanghai Longfeng in 90%, and these 90% problems are controlled in Shanghai Longfeng category, often see a variety of problems in the forum or QQ group, what ranking dropped, to help analyze web sites on a variety of problems. To help analyze website where lack of this problem, the author thinks that the simplest, the most simple method, with the optimization guide and your site by comparing, see if you meet the requirements of the site optimization guide. The last remaining 10% points is not controllable, but the interference of external factors is relatively difficult to control.