as a new era of women in Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon work for a long time, just started to write the article is inspired by the lack of Shanghai dragon, dead, how can we find inspiration! Write a good soft Wen Shanghai dragon

The owners of the house

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5.: when browsing some questions and answers in our inspiration of soft wood, can also browse some related and the Shanghai dragon quiz questions, if you are particularly interested in this issue, can write a special article to answer this question, so Shanghai became the Dragon Phoenix soft.

1. reference to other websites for inspiration: when we first started writing the Shanghai dragon, can go to the famous Shanghai Phoenix Forum to look at other people’s works, combined with my own past work experience, Shanghai dragon soft paper to write a decent, like the A5 forum, Shanghai dragon WHY. China home owners as sites, are some good inspiration to

Inspired by the life of


Shanghai dragon quiz platform

3. good stuff comes from life, the feeling of life is the inspiration: in fact, there are also very successful wood bitter Shanghai dragon, so this type of Shanghai dragon can write what? Good stuff comes from life, the feeling of life is the inspiration, we can also write some relevant insights in the process of the work, throw up grievances, crying about the pattern of Shanghai dragon this change unpredictably, if you can get this article other Shanghai dragon Er recognition and sympathy, you will succeed this article.

4. summary of his failure in Shanghai Longfeng experience: after continuous success always failed to get, like Edison invented the light bulb test 1600 different materials. No matter whether you have a successful case, the experience of failure is certainly there, a summary of its failure in Shanghai Longfeng experience, will be able to find a good inspiration to write an article in Shanghai Longfeng soft, following the failure of the case, also let parents see.

6. a Shanghai dragon blog: >

The successful case of

2. look at the success of his own case: a lot of Shanghai dragon Er participated in the work of Shanghai dragon for a period of time, there must be some successful cases of Nadechushou, we can look at the success of his own case, recall their own process of this site do Shanghai dragon, probably inspired by constantly spray out, like I often love words Shanghai dragon tool check their past website ranking, see every one of the words are the first feeling really great! Here is a successful case of the example (the name was not released, lest they say Russian advertising).