released the chain in addition to the web page, can also according to the keywords to do, of course, web pages and keywords are complementary to each other, only the page can do keywords, can let off.

2, column page

chain is a complicated thing, but to do keyword ranking but not for lack of ZhengZhan weight lifting and keyword ranking plays a very important role, but we will find a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the chain is released and no primary and secondary relationship, each page and keywords are the same body, to which the chain which is issued, this will cause some website "foot heavy light" phenomenon, the chain many column page a lot, and the neglect of a website is the most important place of the home page, below, the chain of resources in the website how to distribution:

we all know one thing to do is to separate the main, main well, minor things can be said about this smoothly done or easily solved, or almost can be accomplished; in our Shanghai dragon is also need to pay attention to this, the station optimization have time points, such as we have important keywords used home to optimize, because the home page weight is the highest, while the more important keywords or keyword competition in general we use column page optimization, and use the content page to optimize the long tail keywords, this station level is clear, targeted to do, which is not only convenient for optimization of personnel work, and an important role to play the keyword ranking. As a distribution station, distribution here about the chain of resources.

Resource allocation in

, a web page resource allocation

, 3 pages Release of the

two, keywords


home is the most important part of a website, the first page of the weight of high can be allocated to each column page and the content page weight, this is the reason why high weight website issued an article can seconds. In the release of the chain in the person that the focus should be on the home above, we assume that every release 10 chain, home must account for at least 5 or 6 or so, so you can make the site to take a leading role in optimization.

column is inferior to the home page, under normal circumstances, the weight of the page is much lower than home page, in the chain distribution also can be reduced, if every day can release 10 home chain, occupy 5 to 6, then the column page should be issued 2 to three.

home page The

web page is mainly divided into three categories, the website home page, column page and content page:

content page is the lowest local weight, is used to optimize the long tail keywords of the page, because in many cases, we do not release the chain for the content of the page, when a site has a certain weight, a lot of content page keywords can have a good ranking.