first, through the analysis of the optimization of successful web site, analyze their backlinks from where, we’ll come to collect me to tell you when I do the reverse link approach, then optimize the successful case is the most fire "114 standard net" see me through the inquiry, he has a reverse link three thousand, what is this concept ah, then the reverse link analysis, nearly eighty percent site navigation classes. Here we see what to think? If the amount is large enough, then the site navigation can play a huge energy. The collection of resources

3, the use of reverse link resources collected by

this step is relatively simple, but I guess there are still many students do not know how to find, here I will introduce two methods to. We hope to inspire more ideas

now is the fact that we all know that the reverse link has the effect, do not know how to get backlinks, I suggest you is divided into the following two steps

this method is clear for everyone, but now, dare not much love, with the launch of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, broken people buy links posterior, this method is rarely used slowly, but I found a black gray, method of manipulation techniques, if friends are interested in you can contact me to my personal space.

Collect 1, buy

reverse link: in my personal website A center. B station, C station,……. N station, these stations have to center station links to A, then this link for A is called the reverse link, the link from the B.C station, N point of view, it is called outbound links, I do not know enough about this interpretation

reverse link source

we can collect enough resources through the above two methods, then we how to use these resources? The most effective way is to submit, or by cross links, why do you say that, according to the second kinds of methods to collect resources, they also promote the needs, so they can accept this way.

for reverse link source

is the value of this tilisoft Internet presence, hyperlink analysis technology of the various Internet sites through the link also is in love with Hailai to survive ", each" contact together. Here we see the important role of the link? The reverse link for the website ranking, has an irreplaceable role. So, how do we get backlinks?

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reverse link

second, the Links platform, like this platform, Links Ali mother, after we entered search site navigation, there are thousands, then collect these resources (they also promote the needs of

2, don’t buy