, it included the home page TITLE is normal, and later accompanied by abnormal days and normal days, Shanghai is still new and estimated love assessment update it. Now the scene is funny. The following drawings for everyone to see.

er from learning to practice often encounter some rather baffling problems, if these problems are explained for a period of time will be good, for many questions it is nasty and vexed, who is not to be able to go more in-depth understanding of the problem and to solve this problem, right.

Shanghai Longfeng novices encountered this problem, don’t worry, do their own, the rest is waiting for you, after all, is not love Shanghai.

A week after

after some days, watching the station dynamic discovery, the original domain name is used before, because I love Shanghai found a large number of related domain in domain:XXX. At that time did not care so much, think outside the chain may be to my site optimization to reduce the burden of it, very good. But when the website home page was collected when I found it. This site TITLE I do not TITLE, was previously used by others TITLE. The first time I depressed live. Carefully pondering think should be sequela, including the lagged effect of a large number of the chain on the site by the Shanghai love takes time, this I know.

gossip is, here to talk about the Shanghai dragon problem I encountered, perhaps each station is often encountered changmen. We usually go to buy some of the domain name, some new, some old domain name, with a lot of the weight of the chain and domain name. But it also gives us a lot of confusion early. For example, for a friend to do a website before I bought the domain name, site, in the best of spirits submitted to the major search engines.

This article from the Beilun Shanghai dragon

TITLE became the "website" is really dumbfounding. But without the WWW domain name is actually normal. Love Shanghai really is the legendary slow response. The retention effect for nearly a month, this time really is waiting for the answer.


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