flow is not a very difficult thing, but looking for effective flow is not a simple matter, what we need is to flow the user clicks into our web traffic and not through some software for traffic: so how can we improve the flow of

?The first step of ? Third step

forum attracted traffic

, from the site itself to bring effective flow – (original)

, by external high >

The second step, through the external

I believe we all know to want to do good web site must have effective traffic Everfount, if the site is the flow of blood to the heart, no blood will soon add heart failure, so how to complement this fresh blood

for the initial site we don’t talk about the marketing type of keywords, the problem here is the key word in order to provide more traffic to the site, actually this is what kind of keywords? And how to find it? For example: for example, I was selling a product, a lot of people may direct the XX machinery, XX machinery manufacturers, price and so on as the first long tail keywords, and now different from others is that we just start without these key words, our keyword may be very long, such as the XX model of mechanical suddenly do shut down, to maintain XX machinery to better, a XX machine accessories where can I buy and so on, here we need a better platform to mining, personal feel love in Shanghai know, Search ask, and some forums are pretty good. We can find that the popular concern through the platform search product keys, you can add news on the station makes the summary to solve some problems in the product details, more specific problems better, manufacturers will search a specific solution, for this keyword optimization is very simple, not too much experience can be ranked in Shanghai before the 3, here is mainly from traffic to consider, so that customers can easily enter the site to effective traffic on the site and found a lot of the problems he will continue to browse other pages, enhance the browsing depth (the user experience) might even put the site collection may be able to conclude the business

you may know from the forums, most people ignore the point, most of the forum are talking about network marketing, we need to look for the industry is based on the relevant forums, and to express some unique insights, best title is very attractive, the content of the writing is good, this is like a soft release as the first to emphasize the readability of the text, we have published some offbeat topics, first won the attention of more people, when more and more people pay close attention to this article, the ranking is also very near the top, and then add the anchor or chain in the article, according to the link destination URL to accurately. Is the customer to the site can not quickly leave, but slowly to taste the content of the website