a year ago in April 2012, Wo Wo Group announced the transformation from product group purchase mall model, mainly for the establishment of business platform suddenly force. Business logic support this transformation, from the development trend of the group purchase Wowo Mall for judgment – Mall mode is the future development of the industry group purchase form.

is now in the past year, how the performance of this model in the market? What are the Wo Wo Group this thinking, we interviewed the vice president of Wo Wo Group Wei Jing han.

reporter: compared with the other group purchase website, Wowo mall how different in the mode of


Wei Han Han: we want to help businesses open the store on the Internet, and we will be a collection of these online stores together, making an online life Service Plaza, which is our mall model. Of course, we also buy part of the business.

reporter: chose the Wowo mall main reason of this model is what


Wei Jing Han: we think that as the group purchase in front of the mall promotion, can bring popularity, but it is not a mainstream model, we do not want to set a promotion, but to set up a store online. A store is in need of great wealth, to meet consumer demand Wowo mall idle away in seeking pleasure, is moving in this direction.

reporter: if the group is not the mainstream business model, which is now the top of the list of companies to buy what explanation?

Wei Han: Buy mode itself is also in the development and change, at least we believe that the mall model rather than a single group, should be the direction of future development. Buy a certain period of time has been recognized by the market, but the future mall model should be the trend. Group purchase are doomed not to be impossible to become the company’s core business, it will become the standard in the future of the Internet, where there is flow there may be a group purchase.

reporter: some people think that the establishment of business collection platform model is the future direction of development, but in view of the extent of the Internet and offline businesses is low, less likely to establish their own single group, so to achieve in the business model is still too early, what do you think of


Wei Han: Frankly speaking, this problem does exist, but not without solution. We are also considering this problem, so we help customers in the online shop, we can not only help businesses and operations, has also established a corresponding training system to provide "7+2" tools for businesses, which will help businesses to complete their own products single group.

reporter: now whether Wowo mall is a group purchase enterprises? If not, how we are positioning


Wei Jing Han: Wo Wo Group is not a group purchase business, we locate more precisely is a life service business platform. But we also have a part of the group buying business. The so-called life service class electricity supplier, a major feature is the sale of products is services, rather than physical, so there is no logistics, it is the real O>