first introduce yourself. Railway professional graduates, and now a local state-owned enterprises to work. Male, 32 years old this year, but on the computer network and utterly ignorant of.

first of all, I would like to emphasize that I will not go to spend any time and experience to learn what to build the relevant knowledge, I know it is very useful, but I belong to a stupid man, the premise is relatively lazy. So I found a local network company to help me do, the station + server rental he received me 2000.

in March this year, the unit is relatively boring. Want to find something to do, but do not know what to do? Do business but have no time, because I work 1 days off for 2 days, 1 days work is in front of the computer. Do something about the internet.

first of all, I don’t need to worry about the website construction. New sites from which point as a breakthrough, want to want to do before the local membership card discount, it should be turned into reality. I printed 10 name card box and 1 thousand membership card to make a living away from home. Fortunately, the central area of the city is where I store all around, probably not more than 10 days. On the first day, ran a number of home I did not count, the target signed 30, signed a 10 day to start the 300. I laugh Mimi’s courage came to the first, is a home textile, did not find the boss said in the next shop, I went to the next door, or no one, or in the next shop. I ran next to find a woman of 50 years old, she listened to me half, back to a "no need" and low head finishing her goods. I was embarrassed at that time, many good projects ah, do 10 thousand copies of brochures, free of charge for you to advertise, just join my business alliance, give me a small discount. That is how it? No damage to her, with a puzzled and confused, I continue. An electric car dealer, persuasion, he was willing to cooperate, he repeatedly asked if I really do not make money when the contract? I was afraid I set him. Signed a good, yes, go on. Along the way I signed about 7, 8. It felt good, but I figured I’d run about 80. The 50, some managers said, some think of a word, don’t ignore you in some, do not look at you, some let you wait for a long time will not see, so I still hold on. Noon did not eat, for a person accustomed to sitting in the office, to tell the truth a little hard. Life is not easy, ah, continue to adhere to their own ideas. Yes, there is a look at the hands of the information I have to see how the industry signed, I did not promise, in fact, think about their own brains after the death, but now do not regret it. Since cooperation, will be confidential information, even if the business I do not do.

insisted on this for about a week, ran a large and small not less than 800, but only signed about 60, this week to give me too many classes, basically no harvest. Now think of living is very difficult ah, don’t say about it. These 60 did not achieve the desired effect, do city membership card, first of all, 1