text / Huang Yuanpu (co-founder of 100 million European Network)

February 27, 2014, dangdang.com released the 2013 fourth quarter and full year earnings: dangdang.com in 2013Q4 finally ushered in returning to profitability, net profit of 21 million 660 thousand yuan; the share price immediately rose dangdang.com. More embarrassing is that although Dangdang’s share price has risen more than 3 times a year, but the market value of Dangdang is currently only $1 billion 100 million. An interesting phenomenon, four of the most recent quarter, every rich timekeeping dangdang.com will hire a large number of positive communication. Xu Lei, senior vice president of Jingdong in the evening of February 27th sent a meaningful micro-blog: now the rich are using large V resources, interesting, earnings are not for investors to see it?

Dangdang employ large publicity is to look at the capital market, but more to potential investors or buyers to see. Over the past year, dangdang.com and almost all the potential buyers were contacted, the list includes both Su Ning this tradition also includes the nouveau riche, Amazon Internet gangster. But after a year of suppression, the current results are only Dangdang and store 1 will sign an agreement, the two settled down. However, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing Suning released 2013 full year earnings through micro-blog fully expressed their good intentions, which may prove Dangdang and Suning also maintained close contact.

Dangdang has not yet finalized strategic investors or buyers, the fundamental difference is that the couple’s valuation of Dangdang and Li Guoqing investors and buyers to the valuation of a huge gap. Normally, dangdang.com is suitable for listed companies, in accordance with the stock price and market capitalization is a fair and reasonable manner; but the past year dangdang.com stock price soared, but potential investors or buyers alike. Dangdang, if the current market value of $1 billion 100 million to find investment or sale, objectively speaking, the price is very fair; this is as high as $7 billion 300 million market capitalization is still undervalued compared to $.

As the founder of

, Li Guoqing evaluation of dangdang.com has strong perceptual consciousness; from the perspective of Li Guoqing, looking for strategic investment ideas than the sale of the company; even the sale of the company, Li Guoqing will also be required to ensure a certain right to speak. But for investors or sellers, it is likely that the reason for their eventual determination is that Li Guoqing. In the past 15 years, Li Guoqing showed his diligent, to lead the listed dangdang.com also to write history; but Li Guoqing became the chiefs of the lack of spirit, can’t let dangdang.com strive for further improvement; a few years ago can sit flat since Liu Qiangdongping and Li Guoqing, it is not by the media as a gangster treat.

Li Guoqing and dangdang.com is the decline of the aristocracy, now have their own proud of her, but has lost the pride of the capital. In the past few years, due to poor dangdang.com experience led to a lot of old users leaving other platforms; Li Guoqing was in May 2012 by micro-blog to consumers that lack of letter, dangdang.com in shipping, packaging and other aspects, promises to improve all aspects of services to enhance the purchase.