Abstract: meituan in preparing the IPO issues, two questions need to be answered: if listed setback, whether meituan will repeat the mistakes? If the listing is successful, the U.S. group net up if there is enough interest to benefit employees, so they don’t become the second Gu Yongqiang? The seemingly powerful beauty group, in fact, the situation is far from optimistic imagination.



/ Huang Pu Yuan

Shortly before

million European network exclusive coverage of the U.S. mission network will finalize the financing, the second half will be listed in the U.S. News in the industry caused many discussions, public opinion generally optimistic about the future development of meituan; many meituan employees privately asked Puge meituan valuation and market prospects. The U.S. group net valuation of only public comment 3/5, many meituan staff seemed filled with righteous indignation, because in their eyes, American network has more than the public comment; they are confident that the U.S. mission network as O2O enterprises will be under a giant.

served as a middle handle network friend told Pu brother: the nets now momentum and handle network in 2011 is like, it will handle network listed soon, the management and staff are full of self-confidence, such as playing chicken, regardless of day and night to work; but under the capital market in the first half of 2011. Cold, handle online city dream shattered, after morale plummeted, originally confident employees quit, lashou never turn over. Until now, lashou has been reduced to Wo Wo Group and rushing for acquired position.

just ask the U.S. mission network staff, they are on their own company listed on the stock market is very optimistic about the prospects; even though they may be only hundreds of thousands of options, but they are very concerned about whether listed companies; and that the public comment on the formation of a strong contrast, most of the public comment staff have lost enthusiasm for listed companies. The good news is: beauty can be fully condensed employee strength in the listed company vision, morale and efficiency will be high; the potential risk is that when not listed, the dream will quickly loose heart later; or after the listing of not much interest, certainly there will be a lot of workers bloom away.

If the

listed setback, whether meituan will repeat the mistakes? If the listing is successful, whether Wang Xing has enough heart to benefit benefit employees, so they don’t become second Koo


listed on this issue, leaving time for the U.S. mission network is not so optimistic. 2014 is the year listed, a lot of companies have submitted IPO application, they want to catch the landing of the capital market before Ali, because Ali financing amount is too large, there may be empty market is not conducive to small and medium-sized companies. At present, the U.S. group net estimate has not yet completed the financial audit; seemingly turnover data are extremely bright (meituan publicity March 2014 transactions amounted to 2 billion 590 million), but according to the revenue to count data is, according to the 2013 U.S. group net turnover of 16 billion yuan, revenue is only 1 billion yuan, less than $200 million volume. On the other.