local station is very promising, not only do I say.

this is the first time I write these things, because I never write a good middle school composition of geography, history, politics is very good, so I only love in the history of political way to list the answer.

for the first time, please forgive me for any bad things.

actually, I suggest that you do the best local stations at the county level, good publicity, I said the line publicity. This can quickly put up the popularity of the site. We have to do is to prepare the server, domain name, plus 2000 yuan operating costs. Online publicity is the most important Internet cafes positions, which we all know. Because it is the county level, if it is in their own familiar place, these are generally easy to get. Internet cafes are generally employed by the network management, we can only through these network management, to the network management of the benefits, or to find and network management is very familiar with the help of a friend.

If we are not under the

, the Internet browser home page, how to do? Go to Internet cafes to the toilet, paste your posters, add up in a hurry, go in, add your ads, such as movies, looking for a job, stock, rent, friends, see the beauty in the * * * * network the temptation of words, that I will not say, is panic said he was certain online agent and hope to advertise in Internet cafes, Internet cafes generally will not refuse, so you can go in my eyes as it posted on your poster on the wall.

maybe you do not know, Internet cafes posters can make profits. Contact some local KTV bars and other bosses, that part of the layout of the poster to give them, of course, to pay.

is here today, next time you share.

4000 is our goal, not our focus.

I can make that you reach 4000.

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o, my name is Xiao Ming