Abstract: Jay Chou, as the king of Asia, is the focus of debate among many young people. We can’t deny that he is a part of the human spirit idol, but also cannot deny that many people do not love the singing inarticulate singer. It is precisely because of this "public opinion contradiction" the genius has been in the arch in the teeth of the storm.

frankly, I did not see the video, but in the circle of friends, micro-blog brush to the relevant articles and events. For those articles I also did not see, but did not turn, but by intuition that is full of routines".

do you remember Song Zude? If he didn’t curse all the famous people all over the world, even if he was ugly, no one would pay any attention to him. However, through the "Curse", he became famous. You say he has fans? Of course not! But, some people will go to see, just like on the street to see the monkeys are playing, we will gather in the crowd.

you say this is the event hype or, you say this is the content marketing worth mentioning, but there is one thing we can not deny: as long as there is concern, there is traffic. As long as there is flow, there will be transformed. This is from ancient times, truth and logic.

called Jay Chou and Lei garbage, "R U OK" is the same logic

Two days to a brush on entrepreneurship video before

, Liu Qiangdong, Lei Jun and other commercial gangster group project, PK. Liu Qiangdong said: not in the lens and Lei than marketing, he can make "appearance is not surprising" millet sold so reach the acme of perfection is not doomed to mortals.

so, from Chinese into the Internet era, from science and technology entrepreneurship in Chinese until now, Lei Jun has been active in people’s field of vision. No matter what he does, people pay a lot of attention. From the "tuyere pig" to "R U OK", from "meeting the self timer" to "B station live video". Image is not outstanding, non-standard Mandarin Lei Jun has been one of the leading role of China’s Internet topic.

in particular, R U OK, is clearly a Oolong event, but now it has become a symbol of millet black marketing. When we think this will give millet Lei Jun and the brand was devastating, often The path winds along mountain ridges.. Can not help but let me included "Reyes marketing" believers have given their knee

!Who is

and called Jay Chou a garbage man? What is the relationship and Mr. Lei? I need not explain it? He took a long time to exhaust all the skills, and won a lot of people for his sympathy, but also for a lot of time for their products and brands. So what’s the next thing to do? Could it be a new product, maybe a diversion?


things out, I opened the first time Baidu search index, the name of the name of the name of the search, appeared above. So, why did he want to poke the basket? You know