from the station diary (three) has been released for nearly two months, Wang Pu’s website has established nearly 3 months, a month before because the reason has no time to summarize here today, summarize this 2 months to do things and have a website promotion summary. Wang Pu, after a month of preparation with content links after diary three released to begin planning how to promote the site, as a result of the original promotion do not many, at the same time as a personal webmaster has to go through the psychological change, also makes the website not to the development of some correction.

1, although in the diary of the three mentioned will not be dedicated to the work of SEO, but as a webmaster habit, or appropriate to do some, the result is regrettable. Firstly, the title made some changes, taking into account the keywords, mainly to the reader positioning clear website, "Wang Pu, -B2C e-commerce information portal _ website operation, website promotion, online business, " do a Taobao keyword" Wang Pu "and" B2C "to the electronic commerce at the beginning, then for a few chain. Perhaps Baidu does have a certain amount of care for the new station, soon two keywords on the top row of the top three. Unfortunately in July when Baidu big update is down right, enter the 11 famous, even "Wang Pu" the website name fell eleventh, temporarily unknown reasons, remains to be seen.

2 is the second ways to promote the promotion of soft paper, writing for a long time natural promotion first thought is soft, not build diary series, wrote two articles: "Jialun: webmaster website operation six essential criteria" and "B2C e-commerce operators must see ten big websites", sorry there is no great effect, especially the second, because it is oriented to the webmaster site, everyone has a soft resolution, especially those that contribute the website, two articles have not been well recommended, can only say some help bring to the popularity of the website, which conclusion, don’t expect a soft promotion article overnight, also need to continue to follow up the days and months multiplying.

3 third kinds of promotion methods tricky but good results, we carefully reference. The site is actually B2C oriented e-commerce industry, the industry’s leading community school on behalf of the network has become the main target of this nature, at the same time, well-known community management is very strict, I used a commonly used way is BBS signature, I put the title "collection of 1000 positioning sent on behalf of B2C e-commerce and connect the essence of the article" to shop, soak in the school on behalf of every day, we reply earnestly the topic of discussion, but also bring good traffic to the shop.

4 to promote some of the failure of the fourth, it is also a good try, for the time being defined as event marketing bar. In the end of July because Taobao credit rules makes some sellers reacted sharply, the first time I made a special share in the circle, only to get instant attention. Another >