local time on the evening of August 21st, Mara Khanna stadium with the flame slowly extinguished the song, the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in the rain fall curtain.

since the 1984 Losangeles Olympic Games, the Olympic Games aspect not only is the world’s top athletes fight, also a world-class enterprise in the theme of the Olympic Games marketing on the battlefield the glint and flash of cold steel. With the opening of the Olympic Games some black humor is suffering from "cold" is the first question, but in the end what lace game, women’s volleyball team also struggled to kill reached a new climax, and this way, benefit from the "non Olympic sponsors marketing 40 (Rule40)" revised, more brands to participate in among them, the deal will not lose the wonderful, might as well do some "game" inventory, compared to one or two.

Olympic marketing veteran driver: Coca-Cola

August 21st, Chinese women’s volleyball team to 2 than 1 beat Serbia to win the Olympic gold medal after 12 years. For a time, almost the entire social media are "women’s spirit" Shuabing, a micro-blog after the game coach Lang Ping, in just a few hours to harvest 4W comments, 450 thousand points praise, this also means that the # is now the endnote gold # small label ushered in a small wave of high tide exposure.


has not been absent since 1828 as the Olympic sponsor, Coca-Cola has become the Olympic marketing in the old driver. At the beginning of 2015, the global brand will own the Rio Olympics campaign theme is "That" s Gold ", and Chinese landing on the market, the theme is" localization at the moment is gold "four words, intended to emphasize the" gold medal "of gold, not only is a medal, but also to return the unconditional support of your people. According to reports in twenty-first Century business review, a lot of research, the decision from the previous team they found the key Chinese consumer concern, from the Olympic Games itself began to extend the story behind the gold ".

so, in order to better explain this theme, Coca-Cola China team and what heavy note?

as early as May of this year, the brand will be on the line at the moment is the gold series of short films. Short papers and articles divided amateur athletes, the Olympic spirit will be energy-saving return to the lives of ordinary people, and they dream about behind each ordinary supporters; and athletes, showing the encouragement and support of the Olympic Games, Zhu Ting star Sun Yang, Zhang Peimeng and their parents, coaches, between the brothers. Data show that the promo within two days on the platform, today’s headlines and video Tencent were harvested about 40 million hits.


at the same time, Coca-Cola also has its own masterpiece – bottle collocation marketing. Over the past three years, Coca-Cola has been in the summer, in the Chinese market, "nickname bottle", "lyrics bottle", "line"