The development trend of the

we have on the electronic commerce in the future, and gone to the end of the end of the year, when the trend is looking forward to next year. I work in the electricity supplier industry, long-term observation of the industry data, so today from a few simple data to see the development of e-commerce in 2013.

personal opinion below for reference only, welcome to discuss:

1, traffic growth slowed

overall, next year’s electricity supplier industry sales volume is still considerable, will continue to grow, but the growth rate will slow down.

let’s look at the two data first, and then we’ll talk about it.



can see that this year, the electricity business sector traffic (UV) growth and business growth does not match, compared with 2011, a lot of heat decline. Many of the reasons for the decline, there is no elaborate, only you know the situation, some well-known electricity supplier capital chain rupture to be acquired is so.

so, here will come to a conclusion: next year’s traffic will not be the main driving force of the electronic business platform, and traffic slowdown means that the average transaction volume per flow increased. In other words, the customer unit price and conversion rate will be further improved, the amount of transactions per user will increase, the overall flow rate has been further improved.

also need to be noted that, due to the slowdown in traffic growth, competition between the electricity supplier giants will be more intense. Tmall, Jingdong, Suning will spend more energy to get users, users here not only refers to the flow of the share of possession, but also refers to the wallet share, each user has 100 yuan, who will win the largest share of


2, mobile electricity supplier outbreak

Although PC port

traffic growth slowed, but next year, the electricity supplier’s mobile port will continue to heat up and burst. Is the situation this year, Jingdong and wherecustomers already released news development of mobile providers, and other giants at the beginning is not what happened, but latermoved already have the layout of the mobile providers, began the development of wireless business.


AI media data provided by

China E-Commerce Research Center shows that in 2011 the domestic mobile transaction size in 2012 15 billion 670 million, mobile business scale will reach 25 billion 150 million, while in 2015 this data will be more than 100 billion, reaching 104 billion 670 million yuan.

next year, mobile providers will erupt to what extent unpredictable, but there should be one or several chiefs of 1/4 turnover from mobile port, the data is for 2012, eBay in Australia and the UK by mobile ports brings transaction volume has accounted for 1/4. 1/>