September 3rd news, shop No. 1 announced on the morning of this morning, the sea Amoy project on the sea, the purchase of the 1, and the Oriental electronic payment and cross-border access to achieve docking.

it is understood that the "1 purchase and sale of goods by sea" based on Chinese (Shanghai) free trade zone (Shanghai FTA) entry of bonded import mode or overseas direct mail mode.

Shop No. 1, the relevant responsible person said, the Oriental and the payment and cross-border cooperation, "bonded imported model No. 1 sea purchase can be the import of foreign goods to Shanghai FTA stocking, consumer orders, shipments from Shanghai FTA warehouse after customs inspection.

Analysys think tank released "China on cross-border electricity supplier industry report 2014" shows that with the increase of support of national policy, the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce last year, China cross-border electricity market transactions amounted to 2 trillion and 700 billion yuan, up 28.8%. Emerging economies, including China, the rapid increase in the number of online shopping market has become the main reason for the purchasing power of emerging markets.

Amazon announced that it will carry out cross-border e-commerce business in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, with the same shop No. 1 also uses the "direct" and "free trade" in two modes: consumers in foreign website direct orders from the United States, warehouse logistics distribution to domestic, from order to receipt, need 7 to 10 days; in free trade zone, building their own logistics warehouse, will advance a portion of the goods imported to Shanghai bonded warehouse, and other consumer orders, directly from the FTA distribution.

whether it is a shop or Amazon and cross-border cooperation. Information from the public point of view, through cross-border Shanghai pilot cross-border trade e-commerce service platform, by the Oriental electronic payment company building, the three major shareholders of Oriental electronic payment respectively under the General Administration of customs China enterprise and Shanghai SASAC enterprises.