recently, outspoken Guo Degang drying out Deyunshe genealogy, external sound to clean up clean up portal, who


"and had Yongyun word stage name two", is the former student – Cao Yunjin and He Yunwei.

of the two charges is quite heavy, in Guo Degang’s view, they are bullying, while helping others secretly destroy fathers day.


Cao Yunjin a look, I was living his own, nor the name Deyunshe signs, now even to recapture the name, too That’s going too far., decided to leave the former friendship mentoring, issued a counter "is the time it an end".

probably is small since the influence of traditional culture, on both sides of the argument also cannot do without the patriarchal rules, are fighting for the moral high ground.


Cao Jinyun long hair micro-blog enumerate seven sins Guo Degang


but the strange thing is that 10 years ago, Deyunshe has been registered as a company, is called "Beijing Deyunshe Culture Communication Co. ltd.". That is to say, Guo Degang is now a leading enterprises, the so-called "traitor" Cao Yunjin is mostly out his own former employees.

so logically speaking, it has nothing to do with morality, in essence, this is between the former boss and former employees of the dispute.

Ma Yun summed up a truth. People want to go, but there are two reasons, one not give the money in place, heart wronged.

According to Cao Yunjin

in the readme, Deyunshe unreasonably be banned, heart grievances, finally forced livelihoods went away, in line with the two reasons above, so leave is perfectly logical and reasonable.

Guo Degang had asked "how to treat these people away," he said with a sigh: tearful blessing.

but now the attitude of Cao Yunjin was stiff, probably more because he is the best of all the exodus of disciples.

this is a typical boss thought: I can forgive their home, but never accept them as my opponent, even they are not getting better, this is the boss challenge, it is to blow.


called once bitten twice shy of ten years, many bosses treat employees such as love, how employees are abuse me thousands of times.

but if you simply look at the employee’s behavior in a moral perspective, pull it into the blacklist, in fact, no good to the company.

had a young man is very optimistic about the boss, is also responsible for the company’s very profitable projects. It can be said that the prospects are good.

but one day, the young man suddenly said to the boss: I want to leave to start a business. So the boss let him go. < >