I do not know when to start, it is not difficult to see the old street skillfully pulled out mobile phone out of his pocket, press the button of the touch screen, to the mobile phone microphone hearty chat for small household affairs……

old people WeChat is probably from some ordinary family began.

, a user experience is simple, plain and details of


via T.I.T Creative Park, will think of the relationship between here and WeChat, after all, in this humble city corner, WeChat was born in here.

as a function of shock and no mobile phone software, can change a lot of people chat habits in just a few years, even let the original and Internet extinct the elderly are able to keep up with the development of the times, have to say this is a worthy tribute to success.

as Jobs then developed OS like X, he asked his programmers put some irrelevant interface elements to remove the contents inside the window, he thinks it is the most important, rather than the window itself.

when we open WeChat’s twin brother, QQ, is not difficult to find a variety of exquisite interface of the software, and the complex function is very complex, and the simple function, contrast before, now QQ is too strong, and too complicated. Whether we can use them? Remember also only QQ space, many people are willing to share all kinds of information here, but I do not know why, Tencent seems to think that only QQ space is not enough, so developed such as logs, say, micro-blog…… But friends around but gradually give up on the QQ active, instead of a variety of information from WeChat circle of friends.

simple, plain, regardless of any time, many people still love the function, don’t need fancy appearance, just in a very short period of time to learn how to operate, and can make use of these functions to contact with the world is


laziness is a common feature of human beings. It is because of laziness, so keen to update the information in the QQ space friends gradually abandoned the platform, because they are so overwhelmed with the choice. WeChat allows lazy people to communicate in a lazy way. If you have something to say, just turn on the WeChat platform, and then select the circle of friends to send, you can easily share feelings, whether it is a paragraph, or a photograph, or even a share, only need to move a finger can easily achieve.

may have friends this sniff at WeChat’s operating, because it is too simple, there is no technical difficulty, while WeChat’s function if you go to look at from a professional point of view, there are still such defects, but for those who have no computer operation ability of the people, they have enough convenience to WeChat.

two, stand on each other’s point of view

as a technical expert, put yourself in a station did not understand technology.